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Superintendent's Message

I would like to welcome you to the 2015-2016 school year for the Northwest Local School District.  I am proud to be the superintendent of a school district with staff that works as hard as our staff does for our students.  As a parent, you want educators who work hard to ensure the success of your children, and our staff does!  Our staff goes above and beyond their daily job requirements.  The following are examples of the things they do daily:  provide before and after school tutoring, differentiate lesson design, daily posting of learning goals, and having our students track their own data.  Our goal is to make every day special for our students. 

Our immediate goals for this school year are to improve Student Achievement, and to pass the Bond/Operating levy in November in order to build much needed elementary schools (3 total), and make renovations to the rest of our schools.  We will use data to drive every decision we make in terms of improving student achievement.  We have data that we gather on each individual student so we can meet the needs of individuals and not just teach to the middle.  We want all students to progress positively, but we want to challenge those students who are showing mastery and need a more challenging curriculum in order to further their learning.  We will work hard this year to engage our community and garner their input for the upcoming levy.  We have done an outstanding job as a district of being responsible stewards of our taxpayer monies.  We are working to be as transparent as possible by leading the way with the state treasurer’s department and making all of our financial records available online for anyone to see.  Our school district is about assisting our community, students, business partners, parents, classified and certified employees, and local businesses by making a difference with the education we offer our students.

At Northwest Local Schools we offer a variety of extracurricular activities.  Our two high schools are in the Greater Miami Conference (GMC) and the Southwest Ohio Athletic Conference (SWOC).  We offer a variety of sports for students to participate in grades 7-12, our community organizations like the Little CARDS and the Northwest Mighty Knights offer additional opportunities for our younger students.  There are several youth sports organizations and YMCA’s within our school district that offer a variety of sports/activities for kids starting at age three.  Our Fine Arts programs are outstanding and some of the best in the state.  Our music department starts in elementary school and feeds into our middle schools and high schools.  Some examples are Jazz Band, Performance Band, Show Choir and Marching Band.  Drama plays are produced at both high schools and often times include musicals.  We offer art programs that include AP Art at our high schools.

Our school district is also in a partnership with Butler Tech; Butler Tech offers Career –Technical Education programs.  Examples of programs include Computer Applications, Construction Technology, Criminal Justice, Dental, Digital Media, Engineering Tech, Financial Services, Sports Medicine, and Cosmetology.  Our students also have the chance to attend several off-campus locations:  D. Russel Lee Campus, the New Bioscience Building, and the School of Arts are available to our students.  All of the programs prepare our students for college or provide the skills necessary to go right into the work force.  This is a great opportunity for those students who cannot decide if they want to attend a four-year college or do a combination of work and college prep while participating in all of their program offerings. 

I look forward to working with our local businesses, private schools, community groups, our local townships, and our senior citizens to make sure our district is doing everything we can to make Northwest Local Schools a highly recognized academic institution that collaborates with all groups that comprise our awesome diverse school district. 

I look forward to a great school year.  If you have any questions please feel free to call me at 923-1000 or email me at

Todd Bowling


Northwest Local Schools

Proud 1982 graduate of Northwest High School