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The Northwest Board of Education recognizes the value of extracurricular activities in the educational process and the values that young people develop when they have the opportunity to participate in an organized activity outside of the traditional classroom.

Participants and responsible adults involved in board approved extracurricular activities are expected to demonstrate the same level of responsibility and behavior at practice and competitions as is expected in the classroom. Participants are expected to adhere to the board adopted Code of Regulations for Conduct of Pupils. The Board further encourages the development and promotion of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity in all phases of the educational process and in all segments of the community, including administrators, participants, adult supervisors, parents, fans, support/booster groups and the student body.


Fall -  Winter - Spring
Football* - Boys Basketball*-         Softball
Boys Soccer - Wrestling* - Baseball
Girls Soccer - Girls Basketball* - Track*
Volleyball* - Swimming - Boys Tennis
Golf* - Wrestlettes*
Cross Country* - Cheerleading*
Girls Tennis - Bowling
Cheerleading* - Academic Quiz Team
Chess Team


Art Club
Black Culture Club
Book Club
Drama Club
Fellowship of Christian Athletes
French Club
Future Educators of America (FEA) Club
German Club
Key Club
Latin Club
S.A.D.D. Club
Science Club
Spanish Club
Stand For Tolerance Club
Northwest International Society
(see school handbooks for additional clubs)


Class Advisors
Business Professionals of America (BPA)
Marching Band
Color Guard
Pep Band/Jazz/Winter Percussion
Winter Guard
Show Cards
Knight Lights
Cardinal Heat
Show Card Band
National Honor Society
Peer Mediation
Student Senate
Vocational Industrial Club of America
(Skills USA)

*These sports are offered in both middle school and high school.



Students of the Northwest Local School District participate in athletics under the regulations of the Ohio High School Athletic Association, the Greater Miami Conference, the Southwest Ohio Conference, and the Northwest Board of Education.


Eligibility Criteria

Interscholastic extra-curricular activities means a pupil activity program that a school or school district sponsors or participates in and that includes participants from more than one school or school district. Interscholastic extra-curricular activity does not include any activity included in the school district’s graded course of study.

*    Grades 9 – 12 students must be currently enrolled and must have been enrolled in school the immediate  grading period. During the preceding grading period, a student must receive a passing grade in a minimum of five (5) full credit courses or the equivalent, which count toward graduation; and

*    All preceding grading period grades must, when combined, be a total grade point average of at least 1.0 on a four point scale; and

*    Any student with a total grade point average of less than 2.0 on the weighted scale but higher than a 1.0 will  be placed on “academic watch.” Any student on academic watch must have his/her teachers complete a weekly grade and effort report during that season and submit it to the head coach. They must also participate in the extra-curricular intervention/study table program.

*    A student enrolling in the seventh grade for the first time will be eligible for the first grading period regardless of previous academic achievement.  Thereafter, in order to be eligible, a student in grades 7 or 8 must be currently enrolled in school the immediate grading period and received passing grades during that grading period in a minimum of five of those subjects in which the student received grades.

*   A student enrolled in the first grading period after advancement from the eighth grade must have passed a minimum of 5 of all subjects carried the preceding grading period in which the student was enrolled.

*    Summer school grades earned may not be used to substitute for failing grades or GPA calculations from the preceding grading period of the regular school year (relative to interscholastic athletic eligibility.)

Athletes may not try out or practice without a completed blue card, code of conduct, physical card, Emergency Medical Form, or eligibility bulletin.  A district home web page release form is also needed to permit names of athletes and pictures online.  Forms are to be collected and submitted as a package.  Coaches are required to check all forms for completeness.  Incomplete forms should be returned to the student athlete, and the student athlete will not be allowed to practice or compete until corrected.  Athletes who have previously participated in a sport during the current school year will have a blue card on file.  Forms are to be completed once per year.

Coaches are to provide the Athletic Director up to date rosters as soon as possible.  It is the head coach’s responsibility to review sport specific eligibility with athletes and their parents, and to review the eligibility certificates.  The Coach must initial all blue cards and eligibility forms before an athlete may compete.  This must be accomplished prior to the first contest.  Athletes may not compete until this process is complete.




The student must be present for the entire class period for all classes on the day of the performance or game to participate in the event.   If a student is not in attendance for all classes on the school day of the event, he/she may participate only with the approval of the athletic director and/or building principal.  In the case of a non-school day event, the student must have been present for all classes on the preceding school day.  If the student was absent on the preceding school day, the student can participate in a non-school day event only with the approval of the athletic director and/or building principal.


STUDENT PARTICIPATION FEES…                                                    

Students in the Northwest Local School District shall be assessed a Non Refundable $200 participation fee for extra-curricular activities.  Payment may be made via one of the following methods:  cash, check, money order or through the EZPay website (a link to EZPay is located at .)  If paying by check, a separate check must be written for each student’s participation fee.  All checks should have the student’s name and sport clearly written in the memo section of the check.  The chairperson of the district Athletic Council shall be the superintendent’s designee to administer the Participation Fee Program.  The following procedures will be used to assess and collect participation fees:

  1. The activities for which a participation fee will be assessed include teams and performing groups that participate in interscholastic contests and/or produce public performances that are not part of the required curriculum.  Examples include athletic teams, show choirs, marching bands, drama groups and cheerleaders.                                                                                                                      

  2. Clubs, service organizations, and curriculum related groups are exempt from participation fees.  Examples include student government, foreign language clubs, concert choirs, concert bands, key club, student trainers, managers, stats, middle school performing and drama groups, Academic Quiz Team and wrestlettes.

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