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In 1995, the Northwest Schools and business partnerships began as an initiative of the superintendent and the Board of Education. The purpose of these partnerships is to link schools and businesses in order to provide support in accomplishing the district's mission, vision and focus of improving student achievement, and educating tomorrow’s leaders today.
Levels of Giving
Level I Cum Laude
$2,500-$4,999 in cash,
professional services, volunteer time or needed materials
Level II Magna Cum Laude
$5,000-$9,999 in cash,
professional services, volunteer time or needed materials
Level III Summa Cum Laude
$10,000 or more in cash, professional services, volunteer time or needed materials

Friend of the School
$100- $2,499 in cash, professional services or needed materials

Benefits to Businesses
• Support of students and educational initiatives
• Collaboration with schools on programs and events
• Assist in cultivating quality employees now and for the future
• Opportunity for businesses to provide community service
• Publicity for the businesses
• Positive public relations - mentioned in district publications and on the web site
• Access to school facilities for meetings
Time - Tutoring, Mentoring
Talent - Real world skills
Treasure - Funding additional opportunities
Our plans are to continue to develop more partnerships collaborating with local businesses. The time, talent and treasure that our local business community provides help Northwest Schools in preparing our students for post secondary education or the world of work.
The generosity and support of our Partners in Education have provided the following:
• School assemblies and field trips
• Student banking programs
• Science land lab
• Student recognition on sign boards
• Cars for Homecoming parades
• School facility improvements
• Landscaping
• Mentoring and tutoring
• Lunches, gift certificates and coupons
• Refreshments
• Pen pals for students
• Space for district meetings and child care
• Art exhibits and receptions
• Speakers for career days
• Lumber and building supplies for classes
• Community and school service projects
• Judges for contests
• Mock interviews for high school students
• Overhead projectors with carts
• Videocassette recorder
• Financial assistance for students in need
• Co-op jobs for students
• Summer jobs for teachers
• Volunteers at spring carnivals
• Book bags for students
• Instructional software
• Honor roll bumper stickers
• Maps, posters, calculators, sheet music
• Laminator
• Staff in-service presenters
• Discounts on purchases
• Tutors

2014-2015 Northwest Local School District Business Partners

The students and staff of the Northwest Local School District are so very appreciative of our

committed Business Partners.  Thank you to the following Outstanding Community Businesses!


1876 Waycross Road
Cincinnati, OH 45240
(Struble Elementary)


Cincinnati Police Federal Credit Union

3550 Springdale Road
Cincinnati, OH 45251
(Colerain High School and Northwest High School SAIL Programs)


Cincinnati Mine Machinery Co.

2950 Jonrose Avenue

Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

(Weigel Elementary)


Dr. Joseph Crowley

3475 NorthBend Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

(Pleasant Run & Welch Elementary Schools)


Greater Cincinnati Dental Lab

3719 Struble Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45251

(Pleasant Run & Welch Elementary Schools)


Johnson Investments

3777 West Fork Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45247

(Monfort Heights Elementary)



10250 Alliance Road, Suite 223

Cincinnati, Ohio 45242

(Taylor Elementary School)


Nestle USA
6279 Tri-Ridge Blvd #100
Loveland, OH 45140
(Taylor Elementary)


Dr. Steven Pieper

7611 Cheviot Road

Cincinnati, Ohio 45247

(Pleasant Run & Welch Elementary Schools)


Dr. Gary Pies

3020 Banning Road #1

Cincinnati, Ohio 45239

(Pleasant Run & Welch Elementary Schools)


Rumpke Consolidated Co, Inc.
3800 Struble Road
Cincinnati, OH 45251
(Taylor Elementary, Pleasant Run Middle School, and Northwest High School)


P. O. Box 11010
Cincinnati, OH 45211
(Monfort Heights Elementary, White Oak Middle School)


US Bank

7797 Tylers Place Blvd.

WestChester, Ohio 45069

(Colerain Elementary)


White Oak-Monfort Heights Kiwanis
(Monfort Heights Elementary)


Drs. Wirtz & Cryder

11329 Springfield Pike

Cincinnati, Ohio 45246

(Pleasant Run Middle/Colerain Middle)

Friend of the District



If interested, please call us today at (513) 923-1000 ext. 612 to discuss the Northwest Schools Partners in Education Program.