Colerain Elementary School News


Posted on: April 21, 2017
Tags: Fifth grade

We'd like do celebrate the last days of school by highlighting our 5th graders as we wish them well in Middle School. While we'd like to list everyone, we've chosen 26, coordinated with each letter of the alphabet, to show you the great students we have. Their teachers have all shared a little bit about each one. Take a look!

A - "Apsana Poudyel is a sweet girl and is a very hard worker. We love having her in class!"

B - "Lily Bellonger is a great friend to others and a diligent worker!"

C - "Casaundra Jackson is a really, really nice person. The kind of person you'd want your child to have as a friend."

D - "Lily Diebold is funny, creative and a talented singer/dancer. She is a joy to have in class!"

E - "Ethan Cruz is a kind, helpful and hard-working young man. He will be missed!"

F - "Kenneth Waterman is "f"unny and "f"riendly! He's also a great big brother to little sister Jaelyn, who he walks to class every day!"

G - "Gianna Schroder does beautiful work! She takes her time and is very thoughtful. She's also an awesome cheerleader!"

H - "Morgan Huebner is hard-working and sweet. She avoids silly drama and focuses on what she needs to do. A skill that will serve her well in middle school!" 

I - "Isaiah Goebel is a super helpful student who always has a smile on his face and a great story to tell. His joy will be missed!"

J - "Jack Wissel like Buzz Lightyear goes to 'infinity and beyond' when it comes to his work. His future looks to be 'out of this world!"

K - "Kylee Suerdieck is outgoing, friendly and always has her work! She is a true Cardinal with Character!"

L- "Lauren Seyfried is an avid reader and a caring person. She participates well in class and enhances our class discussions. We will miss her!"

M - "Madison Perkins is an all-around good kid with a very bubbly personality. She lights up any room she is in!"

N - "Nicky Desalvo is nice to everyone! He always does the right thing and makes good choices. He's also quite the joke teller!

O - "Olidy Orzuna is an outstanding student! She is well-mannered and great to have in class!"

P - "Peyton Roberts is polite, hard-working and has shown great improvement. He has the tools to be successful in middle school!

Q - "Quiet and Quality. Two words that perfectly describe Krystal Kuntz. She leads by example and takes her time with her work!"

R - "Respectful and Responsible. That perfectly describes Scott Brockhuis. He does what he's supposed to do and is a joy to have in class."

S - "Hannah Smith is sweet and kind. She always has a positive outlook and is a good friend to others."

T - "Jaimee Taylor is kind, diligent, and helpful. A true Cardinal with Character."

U - "Mallika Uprety is sweet, nice and creative. She works hard and will be missed!"

V - "Victorious. Niko Salcedo is victorious both in sports and in the classroom. He is a great asset to Colerain!"

W - "Ja Lynn West is wonderful! She works hard and is responsible. We wish her all the best next year!"

X - "Eli AleXander is eXcellent! He is helpful, athletic and a great singer. He is eXploding with talent!"

Y - "Yoselin Morataya Roblero is sweek and kind to everyone. She's also a great big sister. She walks her sister to class every day!"

Z - "Alexandra Zamora is a zealous student! She is kind, compassionate and intuitive. She's ready to ZIP out of here!"