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Greetings Warrior Families!


Important Dates

8/23 - All students attend (Bring supplies that day)

8/27 - Kona Ice Day

9/2 - FEA Dance 2:30 - 4PM

9/3 - In-service Day - No School

9/6 - Holiday - No School

9/9 - Fall Pictures

9/13 - PTA Board Meeting


Student Information:
It's time to update your student's information online! If your student(s) will be returning to the district for the 2021/2022 school year, you are required to verify your information online in the Back To School Gateway Portal. THIS IS MANDATORY FOR ALL STUDENTS. The portal will open on July 16, 2021 and will close on September 30, 2021. Click the link below for more information: https://scanmail.trustwave.com/?c=12185&d=4NyC4daXzzCvqc13SGhhCt-fCMBITUndciaJyFh3UQ&s=14&u=https%3a%2f%2fwww%2enwlsd%2eorg%2fprotected%2fArticleView%2easpx%3fiid%3d5G0GBY%26dasi%3d3G00
7th Grade Students:
Parents of incoming 7th graders - (2021/22 School Year)
Important Information for the upcoming school year! 

Ohio Law mandates students entering the 7th grade have 2 additional immunizations.  These immunizations are listed below:

* MCV4 (Meningococcal)  

* Tdap (Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis) Booster Vaccine

Verification of the required immunizations must be received in the Health Office within 14 days of the first day of school ( 2021/2022 School Year) . 

 If your child has had these immunizations, please submit a copy of the vaccination record from your child’s Physician/Clinic to the Health Office.  Contact information is below.

If your child has not yet had the required vaccinations, please contact your child’s physician and schedule an appointment prior to the next school year.  

If you have any questions, please contact me!!

Amy Piening, WOMS Nurse

513-741-4300  EXT: 4616

[email protected]

FAX: 513-741-0717


School Supplies:

The school supply list is available and can be found on the White Oak Middle School website.



We are temporarily unable to distribute the 2020-21 yearbooks as previously communicated.  
We will let you know once we are ready to resume distribution.
Thank you for your patience and understanding.
PaySchools (Pay Fees):

PaySchools is the preferred method of payment for all school fees, lunch, field trips, etc.  Fees can be paid by either electronic check or credit card. In person visits to our buildings will be limited in order to maintain the health and safety of our staff and students.  We discourage sending cash with your students as the district prefers all payments to be made through PaySchools. 

This year White Oak Middle School qualifies for Free meals (Breakfast and Lunch). Students who attend this school do NOT need to fill out an application unless they want to see if they are eligible for fee waivers. 

If students want snacks you will need to put money on their Payschool account. We are now a cash free building.

To access the PaySchools site click here:  https://payschoolscentral.com/  (the link is also available on the district website under parent resources). 

The link will take you to the landing page where you can register, you will need your student’s ID# (lunch #) to add them to your account.  

Click on this link to access the user guide to help with registration, password reset, auto replenishment, etc: https://payschools.com/psc-resources/

If you have any questions or issues please contact - PaySchools 1-877-393-6628 or [email protected].
*Please remember all students trying out or participating in athletics must have a Final Forms account and an updated physical form. Follow the link below to access Final Forms.
Game Tickets:  
Reminder cash will not be taken at doors.  Tickets will be available on White Oak Middle School website under Box Office. All tickets are $5.00
Cross Country
Athletes will meet in the back parking lot of WOMS.  Practice will be immediately after school.  Schedules will be passed out at practice. Contact Coach Kathy Draginoff with questions. 
Girls and Boys Golf
Contact Coach Connor McCurley ([email protected]) or Coach Tara Spinelli ([email protected]) with questions.
Questions, contact Coach Rachael May ([email protected]) or Coach Abby Christian ([email protected]). Tickets for game 8/24 vs. Lakota Plains are available on White Oak website under Box Office. 
7th Grade -  Practices will be directly after school at Colerain Middle School. White Oak players will receive transportation to practice but will need to be picked up at the end of practice at CMS.  Questions, contact Coach Mark Knott ([email protected]).
8th Grade - Practices will be at White Oak Middle School Monday through Thursday from 5:30 - 8 PM. Questions contact coach, Craig Jackson ([email protected]).
Tickets for game on 8/25 vs. Lakota Plains are available on Colerain Middle School website.
Daily Announcements Are On:


FAQ for WOMS Parents
How does drop-off/pick-up work?
Morning Procedures:
- Students should not be dropped off prior to 6:55 AM.
- Students released to H.R. at 6:55 AM. Please make accommodations in your morning schedule to anticipate there may be traffic.
- Students arriving by car should be dropped off at the main entrance in the front  circle. Please do not drop students off in the bus lot as buses and school  personnel are constantly arriving, posing risks for pedestrians.
- At 6:55 a.m. students will move to their homeroom. NO one is permitted to roam the hallways. Once a student reports to homeroom, he/she should remain there to eat breakfast and for morning announcements.
-The tardy bell rings at 7:20 AM.  Students that arrive late must be buzzed in through the main office where they will sign in. 
Dismissal Procedures:
- Homeroom teachers will escort bus riders to the bus lot.
- Students being picked up by car should walk to the main entrance in the front circle. Parents should pick up their child/children in the front of the building.
- Students staying after-school should report to the cafeteria and wait for their coach/sponsor to pick them up.
- No student is permitted to stay on school grounds unsupervised after-school. 
-Students should leave school grounds by 2:30 PM each day
How do I update my child’s information?
Emergency Medical Authorization Forms (EMAs)
By state law, schools are required to keep on record an EMA for each student. The EMA is a critical form that is used by the Administrators and Health Office to contact parents. Parents are required to go online and verify/update their information each year. The website will open July 6, 2021 and close September 30, 2021 . Log on to the Registration Gateway at update.nwlsd.org. The website will require a username and password for each student in the district. The username is the student’s district I.D. number, (the same number used for lunch and the PaySchools system), and the password will be their date of birth. Username: Six digit district student ID number Password: Date of birth MMDDYYYY Leading zeros needed for birth date.(For example January 1, 2018 would be 01012018) If phone numbers change throughout the year, it is imperative that you notify the school to ensure you can be reached when necessary for the student. As the information on this form changes, please notify the school office and the school nurse. An emergency card will be sent home the first day of school.  PLEASE return this form right away.

How do I report my child absent?  Or have them ready for early dismissal?

Occasionally it is necessary, due to doctor or dentist appointments, to leave school early. A note from parents should be submitted in the morning requesting an early dismissal. The note should be turned in to the main office before homeroom. The time is tracked and rounded to the nearest hour per state attendance guidelines.  PLEASE give the office & your child's teacher ample notice in order to get your student to the office.  A note in advance ensures that your child is ready to go when you arrive.  

To report your child's absence, please call the main office at 741-4300.  Press 1 to leave a message for the attendance secretary, Mrs. Willett.  Please be sure to send any corresponding paperwork (doctor note, court paperwork,etc) in with your child as soon as possible.  


How can I see my child’s grades and schedule?

White Oak Middle School uses Progress Book to publish schedules and report cards. Students schedules will be live and viewable on Monday, August 16 around 8 AM.  If you used Progress Book in any other building, your account remains active, you will just need to register your WOMS student.  If you have never used Progress Book, please contact Mrs. Schlichter in the office to receive a registration code.  [email protected]


What bus will my student ride?

You can use the  VersaTrans app to get live updates on where your child’s bus is in transit & bus routes.  You can also check the transportation tab on the District website for detailed route information.


Can my student bring a water bottle?

It is highly recommended that your child bring a water bottle with them to school. All water fountains have been modified as bottle fillers, and therefore students can not actually “drink” from the fountain itself.  Please make sure the water bottle has lids.


How does my child get school breakfast and lunch?

We are excited that once again this year EVERY student attending White Oak will receive a FREE breakfast and a FREE lunch.  This year we will also be a completely cashless cafeteria.  Each student will be given an ID card with a barcode.  This will link to their Payschools account, and if they would like to purchase snacks they will use the money on this account.  Please note that students are required to scan their ID every day they get lunch even if they are just taking the free lunch.  Students who do not have their ID during lunch will not be able to purchase snacks.

Breakfast procedure:

1.  Report to your homeroom 

2.  Your breakfast will be brought to that room to eat during morning homeroom time.

Lunch procedure:

***Students will be able to eat in the cafeteria again this year!!  However, we will be required to assign seats by classes due to the need for contact tracing at lunch.

1.  Students who pack their lunch will be directed into the cafeteria to sit at their assigned seat.

2.  Students getting the free school lunch and/or purchasing a snack will go through the lunch line to get the lunch/snack. (NOTE: money must be on account for snacks.  Cafeteria is unable to accept cash.)  

2.  Students will then sit in their assigned seat.  

3.  Teacher will pick up to walk back to class after 30 minutes.

*Lunches will be staggered to allow for fewer students in hallways and lines at one time. 


How can I pay for lunch or school fees?

Northwest Local Schools uses PaySchools Central for pay to play, school fees, and snacks for the cafeteria.  This year, all students will receive free breakfast & free lunch.  However, students will need money on their lunch account for any snacks or extras. School fees are assessed based on classes on their schedule.  These will be shown on your child’s report card. 


Who is my child’s Counselor? 

Mrs. Martini - Students with last names A - G  [email protected]

Miss Mahoney - Students with last names H - O [email protected]

Mrs. Stokes - Students with last names P - Z  [email protected]


Who is my child’s Dean?

Mrs. Reverman - All 6th graders, and 8th graders last names A-M [email protected]

Mrs. Schroder - All 7th graders, and 8th graders last names N-Z  [email protected] 


What is the new WOMS Student Cell Phone Policy?

White Oak will not allow cell phone use in school this year. Necessary communication with students is allowed. We will provide direct communication via the office phone. Students are permitted to come to the office to make phone calls through our landline as needed. If a message needs to be forwarded to a student, please call the office and we will give the message to the student immediately. Students are permitted to use cell phones after school has been dismissed. Cell phone usage during school hours will be subjected to the following:
  • 1st One prompt  from teachers/administrator to put the device away

  • 2nd Referral/admin keep securely locked in the office and call home.

  • 3rd Referral/admin keep securely locked in the office, call home, and parents pick up.  

  • 4th and subsequent occurrences Referral/admin keep securely locked in the office, call home, parent pick up, and ALP.

  • This process will reset at the beginning of every quarter.


Will lockers be used by WOMS students this year?

This is a reminder that White Oak will not utilize lockers for the 2021-22 school year. Students will keep school materials with them throughout the day.


What COVID Safety Protocols are currently in place?


At this time, NWLSD staff and students will have the OPTION to wear face coverings on campus and in each school building. We will continue to stay abreast of state and Federal guidance and may change our policy on masking as new information regarding COVID-19 is released. In agreement with ODH, we strongly recommend that staff and students regardless of vaccination status, wear masks indoors. Consistent use of facial coverings will limit the number of days students and staff will be asked to quarantine, if identified as a close contact. 

  • Students will be required to wear a facial covering while riding the bus. Please note that this is a Federal mandate that we are required to enforce. 

  • Students will be required to remain seated, facing forward, while riding the bus.






Click here for the WOMS Code of Conduct




White Oak Middle School

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