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Contact: Leslie Silbernagel

Contact:  Andy Phelps

C-STEM is a coding and robotics curriculum that also integrates mathematics concepts in a way that is fun and engaging for students. The program was created by Dr. Harry Cheng at the University of California Davis in an effort to increase the number of female and minority students in STEM jobs and develop 21st century problem solving skills in all students through a computing and STEM program.  For more information on the C-STEM Center at UC Davis and their program use the link below.


In the fall of 2016 Northwest Local School District was a awarded at Straight A Grant by the Ohio Department of Education to implement the C-STEM curriculum in our three middle school Applied Math classes.  In grades 6, 7 & 8, students explore mathematical concepts in the Ohio’s Learning Standards for Math through practical applications with hands-on and fun computing and robotics activities. Students write C/C++ computer programs to control a single robot or multiple robots. Through both personalized and collaborative group computing and robotics activities, students learn and reinforce the algebraic thinking with arithmetic operations in whole and decimal numbers, fractions, measurement, variables, data conversion, lines, angles, ratios and proportions. The hands-on computing and experiments help students make meaningful connections between abstract math concepts and their relevance to real-life applications, as well as help develop students critical thinking and problem solving skills.
C-STEM students and teachers at February 2017 NWLSD Board of Education Meeting

C-STEM students and teachers at February 2017 NWLSD Board of Education Meeting