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Pleasant Run Middle School

Best Point Educational & Behavioral Health

Best Point Educational & Behavioral Health (formally The Children's Home)

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Offering School-based Mental Health Services at Pleasant Run Middle School

Behavioral Health Therapist ~ Erin McGillicuddy, LPC
Care Coordinator ~Jessica Moses
Nurse Practitioner ~ Kelly Johnson, APRN, RN

Erin offers help with:
  • Difficult life problems
  • Stress
  • Family troubles
  • Changing risky behavior
  • All types of mental health issues including anxiety, depression, and ADHD
  • Child behavior problems
  • And more...

Jessica offers help with:

  • Collaborating with parents and school staff
  • Connection to community resources and natural supports
  • Assistance in managing problem behaviors at home and school
  • Practicing and applying new skills at home and school
  • Assessing and referring for additional services as needed
  • Providing psychoeducation and advocacy
  • Crisis support 

Kelly Johnson is located at Northwest High School on Thursdays for medication management services.

Talk to your school guidance counselors, or any school staff, about a referral for services.

Best Point Educational & Behavioral Health is making a difference every day.