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Gifted Students

Gifted Students

Contact: Brenda Miller, Director of Curriculum

Contact: Melinda Greenwood, Gifted Coordinator

Contact: Michele Kluener, Gifted Office Professional

The Northwest Local School District is dedicated to affording all students the knowledge and skills necessary to realize their full potential.  The district encourages and supports educational efforts for our gifted and talented population and has targeted programs for serving students in the following subject areas in grades 3-12:

Grades 3-5: Language Arts and Mathematics 
Grades 6-8: Language Arts and Mathematics 
Grades 9-12: Language Arts, Math, Science, and Social Studies (Honors, CCP, and AP courses) 

Note: Students who are identified as having Superior Cognitive Ability and/or who have a gifted identification in the area of Creative Thinking are serviced through our ACCESS or designated cluster classes and have Written Education Plans (WEPs) with goals that target development of these areas of giftedness.

For more information about gifted identification and services in the Northwest Local School District, please contact the Gifted Services Office at 923-1000 ext. 3921.

What Is Gifted Education?
The state of Ohio defines a gifted student as one who "performs or shows potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment."

What Is A Written Acceleration Plan?
Northwest Local School District has a Board policy that outlines the process for either whole-grade or single subject acceleration. Early entrance to kindergarten is considered whole-grade acceleration. NWLSD uses the Iowa Acceleration Scales to guide decisions related to acceleration. Written Acceleration Plans are developed for all students who are found to be eligible for acceleration. 

Students who take high school algebra in middle school may be considered accelerated if they meet either of the following criteria: 
1) scores at the 70th percentile or higher on a nationally-normed math assessment (e.g., NWEA MAP) 
2) scores Accelerated or Advanced on the prior grade Ohio State Mathematics Test. 

Note: Students do not have to be identified as gifted to be eligible for a Written Acceleration Plan and students who are identified as gifted but do not meet either of the identified criteria will receive a Written Education Plan but not a Written Acceleration Plan.

Other Links and Resources for Gifted Families: