Important Parent Information Regarding Curriculum
We want to inform you about an important initiative that will be taking place in our K- 6th Grade classrooms in the coming weeks. This initiative is the implementation of Erin's Law.
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Pleasant Run Elementary School

Safe Treats for Students

Treats for individual student celebrations, such as a birthday, should be something that can be sent home in a backpack at the end of the day.  We recommend small trinkets such as a pencil or eraser.  Food items must be prepackaged and from the "Safe Treats" list. The treat will be sent home in backpacks allowing each family to make the decision about the consumption of the treat. Cupcakes, Cakes, pizza parties, and the like are not something we can manage during the instructional day and are not permitted in the lunch room due to government guidelines. 

Please refrain from having flowers, balloons, or other gifts delivered to the school for individual students. These items cause a distraction to the learning environment and become a safety issue during dismissal and bus transportation.  We believe celebrations are important and have many here within the school however family celebrations are best suited for outside of the school environment.