NWLSD is Offering Drive-Thru Meals to Students on April 2, 2020.


NWLSD is proud to offer our families the opportunity to pick up a weeks’ worth of drive-thru meals for their students on Thursday, April 2nd from 11am-1pm from the following schools: Pleasant Run Elementary, Taylor Elementary, & Struble Elementary. This is open to all children age 18 and under who reside within the district area, even non-NWLSD students.

Because your health & the health of our employees is of utmost importance, we respectfully request that you remain in your vehicle during meal pickup. 


Meals will range from pre-packaged breakfast & lunch kits to granola bars, cereal, pop tarts, deli sandwiches, subs etc. All meals will include milk & fruit, fruit juice and/or a vegetable.

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Northwest High School

Summer Assignments

Summer Assignments

The following courses have work to be completed during the summer.  By enrolling in the course you are committing to all assignments, which includes any that are assigned over the summer.  Failure to complete the summer work is not justification to drop the course. Please verify on your schedule which courses you are enrolled in and ensure you have the proper work.  If you have questions please contact Mr. Marshall: [email protected]  or (513) 742-7105.     


Foreign Language

  • CCP French 1101/1102 - Google classroom code:  tgqhp5

  • CCP French 2201/2202 - Google classroom code:  pgjhu2

  • CCP Spanish Level 3 (1002) - Google classroom code: y167c6

  • Honors Spanish IV - Google classroom code: y167c6

  • AP Spanish - Google classroom code: y167c6


  • AP Calculus - Knull (Need textbook):  Google classroom code: acrbmg

  • AP Statistics - Knull (Need textbook):  Google classroom code: duft52

  • Pre-Calculus Honors - Wagner - Google classroom code:  r8boup

  • Algebra 2 Honors - Margevicius - Google classroom code:  wbpt79

  • Honors/CCP Calculus - Stanley - Google classroom code: ycdrlbf

  • Honors/CCP Precalculus - Stanley - google classroom code: b52cvf


  • AP Language and Composition - Caster - Google classroom code:  uqg9yqb

  • AP Literature and Composition - Gilliand - Google classroom code:  8guels9

  • Honors English II - Tuertscher - Link to Summer Assignments Instructions

  • CCP English 1201 - Gilliand - Google classroom code: isjbag 

  • CCP English 1201 - Link to instructions (also in the Google Classroom)

Social Studies



  • AP Art :  Google classroom code: aa9wwj

    • See Mrs. Stewart for supplies before you leave for the summer

Financial Services - Honors