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Message from Superintendent regarding Start and End Times and Updated Start and End Times 18/19

Posted on: May 10, 2018
Start and End Times 18/19

Dear Parents/Guardians and  Community Members:

Recently we sent out starting times for next school  year. Three changes were made. First, the students school day for elementary students was extended 30 minutes to match the length of our middle schools and high school students’ day.  The elementary day was reduced many years ago in reaction to cuts and needing to supply planning time before school for all teachers. Secondly, ending times were changed. Moving to three new buildings of 900 students requires more time for transportation to and from school.  We are also responsible for transporting our parochial school students. We will work on being more efficient with our travel time and try to get late ending schools students home as soon as possible. Lastly, we will now have band and orchestra during the elementary school day so all students have a chance to participate and not just those that can get rides to school early as in the past.  

Our data also shows a strong need for increased student achievement in Language Arts and Math.  The extra time now tied into the school day will allow us to provide intervention and enrichment for all students and also provide additional gifted services.  We will make sure every student gets 180 mins of Language Arts and 120 mins of Math daily. The integration of Social Studies and Science will also be a part of each students daily routine.  Setting a strong core of skills for our elementary students is our number one priority.

This is an exciting time for the NWLSD!  Our data will be back sometime in June for this past year and we already have teachers planning and meeting during the summer to structure their lessons to meet the needs of every individual student.  

Todd Bowling