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NWLSD Hires New Public Relations Professional

Posted on: July 3, 2019
Lyndsey Creecy, NWLSD Public Relations Coordinator

Lyndsey Creecy, NWLSD Public Relations Coordinator

The Northwest Local School District (NWLSD) is pleased to welcome Lyndsey Creecy as the new Public Relations Coordinator for the District. 

As the new PR Coordinator for NWLSD, Lyndsey will be tasked with establishing, defining and communicating our District’s brand. She will be putting together a leadership team to better promote our District to all audiences, including the Board of Education, potential/current parents, students, the community-at-large and the media. 

Lyndsey Creecy obtained her Bachelor of Arts degree in mass communications and her Master of Arts in public administration from the University of West Georgia. Prior to coming to Northwest Local Schools, Lyndsey was a Media Manager and Television Host at Kentucky State University, working very closely with media outlets to build and manage relationships with individual reporters and journalists across the State of Kentucky and throughout Ohio and Indiana. During her time there, she worked to promote the University’s brand through copywriting, photography, videography and content creation. Lyndsey also created, produced and managed a television program for the University, known as KSU Gold, where she had the opportunity to directly connect with the community to share the University’s mission, research, and the message of the organization, on camera. 

If you have a story you would like to publicize or have been contacted by the media about a potential story, please contact Lyndsey at or 513-923-1000 ext.3954. 

Welcome to the Northwest Local School District family, Lyndsey!