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BPA students Scored BIG at State Competitions

Posted on: March 21, 2017

BPA State Competitions were held on March 16/17, 2017 in Columbus, Ohio. Our Northwest BPA Chapters (Financial Services and Digital Media) had an amazing performance this year, breaking several records:

•Back to back winning of the Ohio Chapter Activities Award of Excellence (accepted by Nicholas Harper and Malcolm McEwen, our chapter President and VP).
•First time having TWO National Officer candidates (Carlos Boyd and Jason Hentz will represent Ohio as our state’s two National Officer candidates).
•First time having 30 students recognized on stage.
•First freshman qualifying for Nationals in a competitive event (Peyton Kinman in Entrepreneurship).

The following 16 students will be advancing to Nationals in Orlando on May 9-14.
•Brennan Gehring: Personal Financial Management
•Cameron Liford: Voting Delegate, National Leadership Academy, NLC Intern
•Carlos Boyd: State Officer, National Officer Candidate
•Chandler Marshall: Financial Analyst Team
•Claire Horne: Advanced Spreadsheet Applications
•Crystina Wright: Prepared Speech
•Deon Andrews: Economic Research Individual
•Ean Moeller: Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications
•Jake Fishburn: Financial Analyst Team
•Jason Hentz: National Officer Candidate
•Jason Hogeback: Financial Analyst Team
•Kieron Harrell: National Officer Campaign Manager
•Malcolm McEwen: Voting Delegate, National Leadership Academy, NLC Intern
•Nicholas Harper: National Officer Campaign Manager
•Peyton Kinman: Entrepreneurship
•Trevor Rider: Financial Analyst Team

Our Virtual Startup Enterprise Team (Nicholas Harper, Malcolm McEwen, Brandon Bennett, and Jalen Perry) made top 20 in the nation … if they make top 10 (we’ll find out in the upcoming week) then they will also compete at Nationals!

Northwest Local School District BPA students who were recognized on stage at State Competitions:

•Abby Bandy: Banking & Finance (Top 10)
•Adam Haynes: Digital Media Production (Top 10)
•Brennan Gehring: Personal Financial Management (3rd Place)
•Caitlin Scheib: Digital Publishing (Top 10)
•Cameron Liford: State Scholarship (Top 10)
•Carleigh Boyd: Small Business Management Team (Top 10)
•Carlos Boyd: National Officer Candidate (Winner); State Scholarship (Winner)
•Chandler Marshall: Financial Analyst Team (2nd Place)
•Claire Horne: Advanced Spreadsheet Applications (3rd Place)
•Courtney Moore: Fundamental Accounting (Top 10)
•Crystina Wright: Prepared Speech (3rd Place)
•Deon Andrews: Economic Research Individual (3rd Place)
•Ean Moeller: Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications (1st Place)
•Fatimah Shabazz: Advanced Word Processing (Top 10)
•Jake Fishburn: Financial Analyst Team (2nd Place)
•James Russell: Admin Support Research Project (Top 10)
•Jason Hentz: National Officer Candidate (Winner)
•Jason Hogeback: Financial Analyst Team (2nd Place)
•Kaitlyn Hayes: Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications (Top 10)
•Kieron Harrell: Extemporaneous Speech (Top 10)
•Lauryn Russell: Small Business Management Team (Top 10)
•Malcolm McEwen: Chapter Activities Award of Excellence (Winner); Interview Skills (Top 10)
•Marco Toro Winters: Computer Modeling (Top 10)
•Mikayla Nutting: Intermediate Word Processing (Top 10)
•Nicholas Harper: Chapter Activities Award of Excellence (Winner)
•Peyton Kinman: Entrepreneurship (3rd Place)
•Ryan Cartwright: Advanced Interview Skills (Top 10)
•Safa Azad: Presentation Management Individual (Top 10)
•Trevor Rider: Financial Analyst Team (2nd Place)
•Will Jasper: Fundamental Word Processing (Top 10)