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Important Message from NWLSD

Posted on: February 15, 2018

NWLSD Community,

We, again and all too often, mourn the loss of victims of another school tragedy in Parkland, Florida. As a district, we are committed to being proactive and prepared for any crisis situation.  In August of this school year, all staff were provided in-service from an expert about school crisis response.  All school administrators work with their staff throughout the year to practice and problem solve a variety of potential threat situations. In addition to fire and tornado drills during the school day, our schools conduct a variety of crisis drills involving lockdowns and simulated intruder situations. As a district, we offer a variety of supports to address social and emotional issues with students.  We employ school counselors, social workers, and partner with The Children’s Home of Cincinnati to provide on-site counseling.  We are committed to supporting students and families to maintain a positive environments in all schools.  

Please take this opportunity to talk to your child about the importance of talking to a teacher or administrator if they see or know of something that is concerning.  The common theme in the recent shootings is the prevalence of posts by shooters  on Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, or other social media outlets. We strongly suggest that you talk with your children about the importance of bringing threats or issues that might be related to something occuring in our schools to the attention of an administrator.  As a district, we will continue to monitor visitors than come in and out of our buildings, post teachers and administrators at key areas during arrival and dismissal,  and encourage our students to communicate concerns to our staff.  We are also in the process of getting clear messages out to our students that reflect the “See Something, Say Something” message.  This is a partnership between, staff, parents, students, and community members who work as a team in order to help promote school safety.  Working together we will continue to have safe schools.  If you have concerns, please call your school administrator or myself.  Thanks you for your assistance with this matter.  

Darrell Yatter, Assistant Superintendent

Todd Bowling, Superintendent