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NWLSD Team ROCK wins the Mid West Regional Robotics Competition!

Posted on: March 21, 2017

NWLSD Robotics Instructor states that this past weekend, March 9 – March 12 was amazing. The Northwest Local School District/Butler Tech Robotics Team Team performed wonderfully throughout the regional competition. From load-in to load-out, the NWLSD Rock Robotics Team students were professional, efficient and social. They made great friends from all over the region as well as internationally with their new best friends from Istanbul, Turkey – Hisar Robotics, FRC Team 6384.

The ROCK Team had a few mechanical and software problems on Thursday during practice matches, but the issues were creatively solved by our quick thinking pit crew. By Friday morning, the drive team was ready to hang gears, launch fuel and climb aboard the airship. They were able to work through 11 qualifying matches with a great record of 10 wins, and only 1 loss. This secured their position as the Number 1 seed for the event.

As the top seed, TEAM ROCK got the first choice in the draft and chose a team from Indiana, Team 234 – Cyber Blue. The Cybe Blue Team is a fantastic group of students with a team leader who follows many of the same team philosophies as Team ROCK. Team ROCK’s final choice on the alliance was given to their close friends, Team 337 – The Hard-Working Hard Hats from very rural Logan, West Virginia.

With an extremely strong alliance, Team ROCK set the high score of the event in their first playoff match with 395 points. The teams quickly learned that the only way to defeat the Team Rock alliance was to play extremely vigorous defense against them. Unfortunately, Team ROCK’s alliance was eliminated in the semi-finals, losing two of the three matches by only 9 points each, both losses had the same score 265 to 256, both very high scores which would have won most other matches. A fantastic run through the event. 

In the Miami Valley Regional competition, there are 9 judged awards at each event, only two are based on the machine. There were 47 teams in attendance at the Miami Valley Regional. Team ROCK was recognized by the event judges with the Industrial Design Award:  This award celebrates form and function in an efficiently designed machine that effectively addresses the game challenge.

Judges Criteria:

· The design is elegant and efficient (simple/executable) and practical. The entire machine reflects a system design approach, i.e., the overall machine design addresses the many functional systems that must operate together.

· Designing the machine contributes to the team’s success in FIRST – not just in performance on the field of competition.

· Reliability and maintainability are considered in design. For example, it is capable of withstanding the rigors of the contest and servicing is easy.

· The entire machine design, or the detailed process used to develop the design, is worthy of this recognition, and not just a single component.

To quote Mr. Campbell, NWLSD Robotics Instructor, “Final summary, I am extremely pleased with the awesome efforts from our entire team. This weekend was a great start to our competition season. I am very proud of the students, mentors, parents and sponsors of our wonderful ROCK Robotics program. Oh yeah, we are heading to California University of Pennsylvania this week to compete again! You all ROCK!”

To quote Mr. Campbell once more, “26 words to describe our Miami Valley Regional experience – Amazing, Bonding, Cultural, Dramatic, Educational, Fantastic, Gracious, Hopeful, Industrial, Joyful, Kind, Loud, Meaningful, Nervous, Optimistic, Powerful, Quality, Responsible, Sensational, Tenacious, Ubiquitous, Valiant, Worthwhile, Xenodochial, Yelling, and Zealous. (how many of you just googled, xenodochial?)”