Colerain High School

Summer Programs

The University of Dayton is hosting a summer program on their campus.  The programs will help students explore their interests and hone their skills this summer.  The programs they offer are as follows: 
  • Entrepreneurship 101:  Rising high school juniors and seniors will learn more about entrepreneurship, the idea generation process, elevator pitches and more.  Through engaging lectures, class activities, site visits, and guest speakers, students will have the opportunity to earn three credit hours and compete for up to $10,000 in UD scholarship dollars all while living on campus and experiencing life in Dayton.  For more information visi:
  • Leadership 101:  Rising high school juniors and seniors will experience a two week program that will help them gain an understanding for the foundations of leadership, assess their leadership behaviors and preferred leadership style, discovery the five practices of exemplary leadership and create a personal leadership development plan.  This session includes extensive discussion and collaborative exchange of ideas, leadership assessments, class, individual exercises, guest speakers, and site visits.  For more information visit:
The University of Dayton is hosting a series of Summer programs
  • Engineering Programs:  Students will solve real-world problems through hands-on activities with cutting-edge technology, meet experienced engineers and learn about the different branches of engineering
  • Entrepreneurship 101:  Students will learn about entrepreneurship, compete for a UD scholarship in an elevator pitch competition, and earn three credit hours.  (
  • Leadership 101:  Students will learn the foundations of leadership, create a personal leadership development plan and earn three credit hours.  (
  • Summer Advancement:  High School students can get a head start on college credits by taking free, first year college courses.  (
Wright State University is hosting a five day summer business camp at the Raj Soin College of Business Professional Business Institute.  The professional business institute exposes students to real business experience at a five day camp.  You will work with local business executives, to explore how business majors can fit your interests and goals.  This camp gives you hands-on experience tackling real business challenges and issues.  Students will be exposed to economics, accounting, marketing, finance, management information, systems management, and entrepreneurship.  Students will ​also have the opportunity to experience life at Wright State.  This program is FREE with a $50 refundable deposit.  Students will also have the opportunity to win a $500 scholarship to Wright State University.  Space is limited, please apply by March 24.  To apply visit: or call 937-775-2812.  
Wright State University is hosting a series of summer programs
  • Odyssey Program:  (Students in grade 9) -- This program will offer summer enrichment courses at Wright State University which are designed to stimulate creativity and enthusiasm for learning.  Students that are interested in this program should have a desire for challenge, have an interest in learning and personal growth, and have the motivation to succeed.  Educators and professionals from the Miami Valley will provide a stimulating and challenging learning environment that encourages creativity and critical thinking.  All courses are held on the main campus of Wright State University.  For more information and to apply visit:
  • Exploring STEMM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics, and Medicine):  (Students in grade 9) -- Students who are selected will participate in a variety of STEMM disciplines over a two day period.  Students will spend one night on campus under the supervision of Residential Assistants.  For more information and to apply visit:
  • Residential Camps:  (Students in grade 9) -- Residential camps are offered throughout the summer.  Participants will live for one week in campus resident halls and are supervised by residential staff.  The camps will offer:  Architectural Engineering, Physics Facts, Digital Photography, Dramatic Theater, Lead by Example, and Young Writer's Creative Mind.  For more information and to apply visit:
  • Residential Institute:  (Students in grades 10-12) -- Institutes are one week residential programs.  The institute will offer:  College Test Prep, Engineering, Food Science: STEM, Forensic Science, Law and Government, Performance Theater, Psychology of Persuasion:  Sell Yourself, Take Action:  Leadership, Writer's Palette.  For more information and to apply visit:
The Barnard College of Columbia University is hosting some Pre-College Programs.  These programs will allow students to enjoy a pre-college experience and college preparation wile exploring New York City.  The programs they offer are as follows: 
  • Summer in the City:  This is a 4 week program that will offer an array of subjects including writing, literature, science, art, theater, film studies, psychology, architecture, religion, political science, and more.  
  • Liberal Arts:  This is a 1 week intensive study in a subject chosen from a broad spectrum of classes. 
  • Young Women's Leadership Institute:  This is a 9 day intensive and interactive residential program that focuses on leadership and gender studies. 
  • Dance in the City:  This is an 11 day residential intensive program including dance performances across the City, technique classes at the Ailey Extension at The Joal Weill Center for Dance, and dance related academics at Barnard, one of the top ten colleges of dance in the US.  
  • Athena Summer Innovation Institute:  This is an immersive residential 10 day program is for young women who would like to learn from dynamic entrepreneurs about successfully creating and marketing their own startups and creating innovative social change.  
For more information and to apply visit: 
Boston University is hosting a series of summer programs at their college.  The pre-college programs provide students with rigorous and collaborative college life experiences that enable students to gain a strong sense of their personal and academic potential.  Here is a list of their programs they offer: 
  • High School Honors:  This is a 6 week residential, commuter, or online program in which students take Boston University undergraduate courses and earn up to 8 college credits.  Students must be entering their junior or senior year of high school. 
  • RISE Internship/Practicum:  This is a 6 week non-credit residential or commuter program in which students conduct scientific research in a university lab under the guidance of a faculty mentor.  Students must be entering their senior year of high school. 
  • Academic Immersion (AIM):  This is a 3 week non-credit residential program for students to focus intensively on a single academic topic while enjoying and experiencing life on a college campus.  This summer they are offering two tracks which offer combine classroom work in the sciences with experimental activities (Students must be entering in their junior or senior year of high school):  
    • Introduction to Experimental Psychology
    • Introduction to Medicine
  • Summer Challenge:  This is a 2 week residential program in which students take two no-credit seminars of their choice and experience life on a college campus.  Students must be entering their sophomore, junior, or senior year of high school.  
  • Summer Preview:  This is a 1 week non-credit commuter or residential program in which students explore one subject of interest while previewing the college experience.  Students must be entering their freshman or sophomore year of high school.  
For more information and to apply visit:
The University of Toledo College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences offers summer camps for high school students interested in pharmacy and the pharmaceutical sciences.  To be eligible to attend camp, applicants must have completed their freshman year of high school at the time of the camp.  The camps they offer are as follows: 
  • Walgreens Pharmacy Camp:  Pharmacy Summer Camp activities include professional job shadowing, pharmaceutical science and formulation labs, faculty presentations and activities, student discussions, and career panels.  Campers will spend free time at the UT Rec Center with camp counselors who are current UT Pharmacy students.  Students stay in campus residence halls with camp counselors.  Need based financial assistance is available for students meet free/reduced lunch requirements or ACT/SAT fee waiver requirements.  
  • Shimadzu Pharmaceutical Science Science Camp:  This program is a laboratory science-focused camp which helps students explore the science behind pharmacy, including drug discovery, chemistry, and cosmetic science, which focuses on the formulation of personal care products.  The camp includes laboratory experiences, faculty presentations, a crime lab simulation, student discussions, and career panels.   Students stay in campus residence halls with camp counselors.  Need based financial assistance is available for students meet free/reduced lunch requirements or ACT/SAT fee waiver requirements.  
For more information or to apply visit:


Otterbein University is hosting the Martin W. Essex program for the Gifted and Talented.  This program is for rising juniors and seniors and it gives students the opportunity to explore the arts, sciences, and humanities through a set of seminars, hands-on workshops and field trips.  The workshops will include the following: 


  • Bryan Stevenson's:  Just Mercy
  • The Creative and Studio Arts
  • Explorations in Science
  • Voice and Movement in Acting
  • Sustainability
  • Exploring Kinesiology/Anatomy
  • Creative Writing/Poetry
  • Exploring a Wildlife Oasis
  • Engineering


This is a residential program and need based financial assistance may be available.  




For more information and to apply visit: 






Stanford University is hosting Summer opportunities for high school students.  They offer programs across a wide variety of disciplines including arts, humanities, science, and math.  It allows highly motivated students the opportunity to investigate advanced topics not typically taught in secondary schools.  Students will participate in small classes with instructors and peers.  The list of programs are as follows: 


  • Stanford Summer Arts Institute:  (For students grades 9-11):  Students come together for a three week intensive interdisciplinary arts program offering academically rigorous, hands-on courses in art, visual design, and music.  
  • Stanford Summer Humanities Institute:  (For students grades 10-11):  Students will explore the big questions at the heart of the humanities in seminars led by Stanford professors during this three week residential program.  
  • Stanford Pre-Collegiate Summer Institute:  (For students grades 9-11):  Students will engage in single subject intensive study selected from a wide range of disciplines, and benefit from small class sizes and academically themed residences.  
  • Stanford AI4ALL:  (For young women in grade 9):  This is a three week residential program.  Participants will learn about topics in AI, partake in ongoing research at Stanford, and receive mentorship from professors, graduate students, and industry professionals.  
  • Stanford University Mathematics Camp (SUMaC):  (For students grades 10-11):  Students will participate in highly-selective programs centered around lectures, guided research, and group problem solving in advanced math topics.  This is a four week program intended for highly motivated students.  
  • Stanford Pre-Collegiate University-Level Online Math and Physics:  (For students grades 9-12):  This program offers 13 courses throughout the year including a summer term for high school students.  Students will earn Stanford University Continuing Studies credit.  
For more information and to apply visit:


The University of Alabama is offering a Summer On Campus program for students grades 9-12.  Students will have the opportunity to stay on campus and attend college classes.  With Summer On Campus students can do the following:  


  • Live in a residence hall on the University of Alabama campus
  • Take two classes with other college students
  • Participate in social activities
  • Meet other University of Alabama Early College students from across the country
Students must apply and be admitted to UA Early College, as well as successfully pass the UAEC 200:  College Readiness Course in order to apply for Summer on Campus.  
Partial tuition scholarships are available for some students.  
For more information and to apply visit: