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Important Message from NWLSD

Posted on: February 27, 2018

NWLSD Parents/Guardians,

This is a very disturbing time for parents, students, school officials, and community members as we all deal with the tragedies that are occuring at assorted schools around the U.S. The purpose of recent communication from administrators was to draw attention to rumors that were circulating around a lot of area high schools and middle schools about potential walkouts.

Our goal is to support all students and let them know there are a variety of ways to deal with feelings and emotions caused by recent events.  Students have the right to express their concerns and needs.  If students want to protest, they need to work with their school administrative team to find a cooperative plan that allows students to express their feelings while addressing the administrative needs for safety and security.

On Friday, we had several false social media posts about walkouts at one of our high schools attempting to get students to leave class at three different times during the school day.  We will not allow students to miss valuable class time unless it is approved by administration.  All administrators are willing to work with our students to allow them to express their concerns in a manner that is not disruptive and maintains a safe environment for our students.  Letter writing and email campaigns to congressmen and congresswomen have been presented along with other ideas from students.  As a school district we are very careful about setting precedents about what we allow to interfere with each students education, otherwise, we potentially could have walkouts scheduled daily due to a variety of societal issues.  

We continue to work with our students to help them understand the world around them and ways they can best impact change.

Todd Bowling

Superintendent Northwest Local Schools