The Northwest Board of Education recognizes the value of extracurricular activities in the educational process and the values that young people develop when they have the opportunity to participate in an organized activity outside of the traditional classroom.
Participants and responsible adults involved in board approved extracurricular activities are expected to demonstrate the same level of responsibility and behavior at practice and competitions as is expected in the classroom. Participants are expected to adhere to the board adopted Code of Regulations for Conduct of Pupils. The Board further encourages the development and promotion of sportsmanship, ethics and integrity in all phases of the educational process and in all segments of the community, including administrators, participants, adult supervisors, parents, fans, support/booster groups and the student body.


Fall -  Winter - Spring

Football* - Boys Basketball*- SoftballBoys Soccer - Wrestling* - BaseballGirls Soccer - Girls Basketball* - Track*Volleyball* - Swimming - Boys TennisGolf* - Wrestlettes*Cross Country* - Cheerleading*Girls Tennis - BowlingCheerleading* - Academic Quiz TeamChess Team

Art ClubBlack Culture ClubBook ClubDrama ClubFellowship of Christian AthletesFrench ClubFuture Educators of America (FEA) ClubGerman ClubKey ClubLatin ClubS.A.D.D. ClubScience ClubSpanish ClubStand For Tolerance ClubNorthwest International Society(see school handbooks for additional clubs)

Class AdvisorsBusiness Professionals of America (BPA)Marching BandColor GuardPep Band/Jazz/Winter PercussionWinter GuardShow CardsKnight LightsCardinal HeatShow Card BandNational Honor SocietyPeer MediationStudent SenateVocational Industrial Club of America(Skills USA)Drama
*These sports are offered in both middle school and high school.