Gifted Students

The Northwest Local School District is dedicated to affording all students the knowledge and skills necessary to realize their full potential.  The district encourages and supports educational efforts for our gifted and talented population through a continuum of services.   ACCESS (Grades 4-5)   ACCESS (Grades 6-8)   Honors and Advance Placement Classes (Grades 9-12)   For more information about gifted identification and services in the Northwest Local School District, please contact the Gifted Services Offices at 923-1000 ext. 3921.

What Is Gifted Education?

The state of Ohio defines a gifted student as one who "performs or shows potential for performing at remarkably high levels of accomplishment when compared to others of their age, experience, or environment."

Learn more about gifted students by viewing the link provided below:

Gifted Testing Fall 2018 Referral Form

Gifted Testing Fall 2018 Visual and Performing Arts and Creative Thinking Referral Form

Elementary ACCESS Program Brochure

Middle School ACCESS Program Brochure

The Super Saturday Program