A message from Amy Wells, District Treasurer and CFO...



As expenses continue to increase and revenues continue to be flat-lined, this will require the district to continue to reallocate resources from existing activities in the budget to fund our instructional priorities. This year our instructional priorities are:

  • Strong core instruction
  • A relentless focus on literacy
  • Maximizing and monitoring the use of instructional time
  • Ensuring extra instructional time to master content
  • Aligning staff strengths to student needs
  • Collaboration is essential
  • Frequent monitoring of student progress

These instructional priorities were not selected in a vacuum. The Board, administration and individuals within the schools have contributed to the development of these instructional priorities to meet the district’s vision of “creating a responsive learning community where all students are valued, challenged, and guided along a pathway to success.” We are working on resource realignment to maximize these opportunities. Decisions are driven by data and resource allocations are based on academic return on investment (A-ROI).

As an administrative team we are adopting national best practices in budgeting. We believe it is important that our budget help us to spend money wisely in ways that have the greatest impact for our students. This year we are working hard to develop a budget that reflects what our community needs and wants.

These are exciting times in our schools and at the Northwest Local School District. We are building three new elementary schools, as well as, renovating to add air-conditioning to all of our existing buildings. While we have room to improve in student achievement, our growth measures for this past year were significantly higher than in the past. We urge you to get involved and join us as we continue to increase learning and growth for every child. We believe that community engagement is essential for the success of our school district. Welcome to a new year. Assist us as we provide a trusting and safe environment that provides hope on a daily basis. This is going to be an exciting school year and you want to make sure to be a part of it!