Media Centers

Welcome to the NWLSD Libraries! Use the links on the left-hand menu to learn more about your school's library services. For your convenience, all NWLSD libraries and staff are listed below.

High School Libraries

Colerain High School

Staff:   Martha Hubbard - Librarian

            Debbie Potzner - Media Center Manager

Northwest High School

Staff:   Bethany Miller - Librarian

Middle School Libraries

Colerain Middle School

Staff:   Mary Jo Roberts - Librarian

Pleasant Run Middle School

Staff:   Janis Desjardins - Library Assistant

White Oak Middle School

Staff:   Jill Zoller - Library Assistant


Elementary Libraries

Colerain Elementary

Staff:   Karen Brockhuis - Library Assistant

Monfort Heights Elementary

Staff:   Pending Hire - Library Assistant

Pleasant Run Elementary

Staff:   Chris Marshall - Library Assistant

Struble Elementary

Staff:   Chris Rabold - Librarian

Taylor Elementary

Staff:   Lynnie Buhr - Library Assistant

Houston Early Learning Center Library

We are always in need of volunteers for our school library! Volunteers read a selected story to the children and assist in checking in and out library books. Please call our office at (513) 385-8000 if you are interested. Volunteers are trained prior to working in the library.