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Armed Forces Recognition Program

Posted on: May 11, 2017

Colerain High School held its annual Armed Forces Recognition Program On Thursday, May 11, 2017. Four Colerain High School students were sworn into military duty. The Armed Forces Recognition program began in 2011, and to date, the military has sworn into service 83 Colerain High School students. These students have chosen to serve their country and to uphold the liberties of all Americans.

Assistant Athletic Director Mr. Phill Joseph welcomed the students, families and military recruiters to the morning celebration. Superintendent Todd Bowling and Principal Jack Fisher addressed the audience sharing their thanks to the students and their families. Sgt. Thomas Chiappone from the Ohio National Guard introduced CHS senior Alex Haarman who will complete his basic training this summer. UT2 (SCW) Ryan Foley from the United States Navy introduced CHS seniors Ryan Westrich and Jacob Noble. Both students have the opportunity to complete their college education with a $150,000 scholarship from the Navy. Both will report to basic training this summer. SGT. Grace Pinos of the United States Marines introduced Michael Wander. Michael will report to basic training this summer.

SGT. Pinos then administered the oath of enlistment to all of the recruits. We are especially grateful to our students who have chosen to enter into military service to defend and protect our life, liberty and freedom.