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HELC Update

Posted on: January 2, 2017
This afternoon from 1:50-2:10 the staff and students at HELC were under an instructional lockdown.  This means that all students and staff stayed in their classrooms and we cancelled recess for that time.  There was a nearby bank robbery and we wanted to ensure the safety of all here at Houston.  At this time, the Colerain Township Police Department has assured us that all is well and we are returning to business as usual.  The students and staff did a wonderful job throughout this lockdown.  The HELC staff will put students' safety first at all times.   You may see police presence at school at dismissal.  Please know this is strictly an added level of precaution and we are thankful to the Colerain Township Police Department for being present and looking out for all.


Emily Stepaniak