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Request for Student Intra-District Transfer

Posted on: February 8, 2017


April - 2017

The transfer of students out of their attendance areas shall be in accordance with the Northwest Local School District's intra-district open enrollment policy and administrative procedures.  The application forms for the 2017-2018 school year are available at the Houston Educational Service Center, 3310 Compton Road, Cincinnati, OH 45251, beginning April 10th and must be received by 4:00 pm, April 28, 2017.  Applications are to be completed by the custodial parent/guardian.  Proper ID is required. Please complete an application for each student.  Applications will not be accepted or processed after this deadline. 

Notification letters will be mailed by June 16, 2017.     



*  The student must be currently enrolled in a Northwest School District school.

*  Parents must be permanent residents in Northwest School District

*  Guardians must be permanent residents of Northwest School District, children must live with their guardians in Northwest School District.

*  If transferred, students must attend the school of choice for the entire school year.

*  Transfers are granted for one year.  Parents/guardians must reapply annually.



  •  Transfer requests are reviewed under the following criteria:
  •  The number of spaces available in each school is determined by building, grade and program capacities.
  •  Student’s discipline and attendance records.  
  • Transfer approvals will be determined by a lottery if applications outnumber available spaces.
  • Transportation to the school of choice will be provided under the following conditions:
  •  Students must be picked up and dropped off on the regular bus routes and stops in the school of choice attendance area. 
  • Buses serving the school of choice must have space available. 
  • Parents must take application directly to the Transportation Department on the form received when the transfer is granted.


All questions regarding the Intra-district transfer program should be directed to Matt Piening, Enrollment Supervisor, (513)522-6700, ext. 4911.