Monfort Heights Elementary School



PTA Board

Our school's PTA Board consists of over 40 members! We are very fortunate to have so many willing parents to help organize all of the fun events for the families of MHE each year. 

Monfort Heights PTA Board 2018-19  
Title Name Email
President Kristina Pfaffinger
Vice President Brandi Klotz
Corresponding Secretary Brandi Klotz
Recording Secretary  Brandi Klotz
Treasurer Mike Klotz
Delegate to Council Jessica Carraher
Donations Jessica Gable
Walkathon Fundraiser Shelby Winget
  Amy Renner  
  Tina Koch  
  Brandi Klotz  
Santa Event    
Stricker Grove Carnival Kathy Buck
  Jessica Gable  
  Tina Koch  
  Julie Buskin  
  Leslie Treadway  
Awards Tiffany Lawless
Boxtops Kathy  Buck  
Cafeteria Robin Patrick
Dance Jenni Hoeh
  Jo Gehring

Volunteer Opportunities

MHE PTA welcomes all volunteers! If you would like to volunteer in your child's school, there are many opportunities available! Please be sure to fill out and turn in an MHE Outreach Form, so that the appropriate committees will have your contact information. Outreach forms will be available on Curriculum Night. They will also be sent home in the September issue of the Musketeer, our monthly school newsletter. They will be on hand all year in the information turnstyles in the waiting area of the school office.

Support the PTA

The PTA would like to share with you some great ways you can help your child’s school and it is absolutely free to you! Here are some of the programs that you can help support: 

Support the Monfort Heights PTA By Enrolling Today!

  1. Go to
  2. Click “Create an Account” and enter your email address, password and confirm password.
  3. Select your preferred Kroger store. Enter zip code, select store, then click “Create Account”.
  4. Enter your Kroger Plus Card number and last name used for your Kroger Plus Card.
  5. Go to Community Rewards (near bottom) and complete the fields (name, address, etc.)
  6. Search for either: 80378 (Monfort Heights PTA’s Kroger Community Rewards Program number) or MONFORT HEIGHTS ELEMENTARY PTA
  7. Click Enroll. To verify you are enrolled correctly, you will see our organization’s name at the bottom of your information page.

This program helps the school earn 10 cents for each boxtop collected. Monfort Heights has earned thousands of dollars through this program. With your help we can continue to earn free money. Here’s how – collect the box top icon that is on participating products such as, General Mills cereals, Ziplock products, Huggies, Hefty products, Green Giant, Cottenelle and Pillsbury products, to name a few. These can be sent into school with your child. You may also go to www.boxtops4education and shop through their online market place and earn the school money.