Northwest High School News


BPA Competition Success

Posted on: February 6, 2017

Congratulations to the 43 students from Northwest who will be competing at the state level in March for BPA!

Here is a list of our regional winners:


James Russell: Admin Support Research Project 1st

Ryan Cartwright: Advanced Interview Skills 1st

Claire Horne: Advanced Spreadsheet Applications 2nd

Jason Hentz: Advanced Spreadsheet Applications 1st

Fatimah Shabazz: Advanced Word Processing 2nd

Mikayla Kaminsky: Advanced Word Processing 1st

Abby Bandy: Banking & Finance 1st

Crystina Wright: Broadcast News Production Team 1st

Jason Hunt: Broadcast News Production Team 1st

William Lemmink: Broadcast News Production Team 1st

Ean Moeller: Business Law & Ethics 1st

Marco Toro Winters: Computer Modeling 1st

Adam Haynes: Digital Media Production 1st

Caitlin Scheib: Digital Publishing 2nd

Deon Andrews: Economic Research Individual 1st

Peyton Kinman: Entrepreneurship 1st

Kieron Mays: Extemporaneous Speech 1st

Chandler Marshall: Financial Analyst Team 1st

Jake Fishburn: Financial Analyst Team 1st

Jason Hogeback: Financial Analyst Team 1st

Trevor Rider: Financial Analyst Team 1st

Claire Horne: Financial Math & Analysis - Open 1st

Jason Hentz: Financial Math & Analysis - Open 2nd

Claire Horne: Fundamental Accounting 1st

Trevor Rider: Fundamental Accounting 2nd

Kaitlyn Hayes: Fundamental Desktop Publishing 2nd

Ean Moeller: Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications 2nd

Kaitlyn Hayes: Fundamental Spreadsheet Applications 1st

Jackie Linville: Fundamental Word Processing 1st

Will Jasper: Fundamental Word Processing 2nd

Jenna Goodman: Graphic Design Promotion 1st

Abby Bandy: Intermediate Word Processing 2nd

Mikayla Nutting: Intermediate Word Processing 1st

Malcolm McEwen: Interview Skills 1st

Brennan Gehring: Personal Financial Management 1st

Crystina Wright: Prepared Speech 1st

Safa Azad: Presentation Management Individual 1st

Carleigh Boyd: Small Business Management Team 1st

Lauryn Russell: Small Business Management Team 1st

Adam Haynes: Video Production Team 1st

Bryce Baldock: Video Production Team 1st

David Scott: Video Production Team 1st

Kieron Mays: Video Production Team 1st


Carlos Boyd: State Officer and National Officer Screening Jason Hentz: National Officer Screening and SLC Intern Nicholas Harper: SLC Intern Courtney Moore: SLC Intern Jason Hogeback: SLC Intern Ryan Cartwright: SLC Intern