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Graduation Information

Posted on: May 23, 2018
Parents, Families, and Community Members:

We have received several phone calls to administrative staff and board members commenting on their displeasure with parent, family, community behavior at graduation on Saturday.  We have repeatedly reminded seniors and the families of seniors throughout the year at both of our high schools about our expectation for audience behavior at graduation.  This is a consistent expectation that has been enforced in the district for many years.  Our students have worked very hard to meet graduation requirements.  Additionally, many students achieved academic excellence and were recognized as Summa, Magna, and Cum Laude graduates by establishing a high grade point average and challenging themselves with some of our most rigorous courses.  Our graduating classes had over 15 million dollars in scholarship offers.  We recognized students for participation in clubs and activities, for enlisting in the armed forces, for completion of Butler Tech programs, and many other successes.  With all of the hard work that went into the student achievements, every name deserves to be heard.  Names were read by advisory teachers and at the end of each set of names parents could clap, yell, or show excitement.  We did remind parents before the ceremony started that we needed cooperation by the audience so that every student's name could be heard clearly.  Since January, we have reminded parents and students numerous times that if their parents, family, or friends are disruptive that they will need to perform 25 hours of community service in order to get their diploma.  As I shook hands with students crossing the stage, they expressed their displeasure with their parents and families that were being overly aggressive with their cheers.  The graduates were very embarrassed and upset; this is not acceptable.  Our community and our board members are committed to having a ceremony that allows every student's name to be heard.  SInce the graduation ceremony, a number of students have already completed the requirement and have thus received their diploma.  We intend to form a committee to continue to brainstorm ways to curb unruly behavior and maintain a ceremony deserving of our students and their achievements.

Todd Bowling
Northwest Local School District