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Northwest High School Teacher, Peter Clark, is the recipient of the 2017 Ohio ACTE Teacher of the Year Award.

Posted on: February 28, 2017

Northwest High School teacher, Mr. Peter Clark, been chosen the recipient of the 2017 Ohio ACTE (Association for Career and Technical Education) Teacher of the Year Award! Mr. Clark was chosen based on the nomination submitted by Kristen Abudakar, Butler Tech Satellite Supervisor for Northwest Local Schools.  This is the highest statewide honor for an ACTE teacher in Ohio!

The Award will be presented at the awards program during the Ohio ACTE Connections to Education Conference for all CTE Educators.  The event will begin Monday, July 24 at 4:00 pm at the Hilton Easton Columbus.

Ms. AbuDakar states, “Mr. Clark is one of those teachers who changes the lives of children.  When students are asked what Mr. Clark means to them they say things like, he was life changing, he is my idol, he has helped me more than I could ever imagine.”

Mr. Clark’s nomination form states that Mr. Clark not only has character and integrity, but he teaches these values to his students.  His classes operate as a team and they celebrate success.  He has the highest standards for his students and has created a culture based around student success.  Not only does he focus on the big items like his daily instructional practices, he also makes sure no small gesture or recognition goes unnoticed. Every birthday is recognized, every opportunity he has to nominate students, write letters of support and recommendations, he does.  Each year he takes the time to nominate his students for awards, scholarships and recognition.  He is so deserving of being recognized himself.  He does the right thing for his classroom, his students, ALL students, Butler Tech and Northwest - especially when no one is looking.  Mr. Clark works every weekend holding study sessions, working on team building activities, Preparing students for their Business Professionals of America competitions, and overall support for all his students. 

Mr. Clark lobbied for college credit and dual credit for his students before it was “in”.  He has written proposals to the board of education for honors weighted classes for his Butler Tech program so the students receive the credit they deserve.  He has high expectations for every student, pushing them beyond their own expectations.

Mr. Clark is completed embedded in the Northwest Local School District culture.  He and his students work with elementary school students to bring financial literacy to the younger grades.  Each year, the students conduct workshops and yearlong projects.  Mr. Clark is not only involved in the community, but he requires all his students to be involved as well.  

Mr. Clark collaborates with local businesses, the UC Economics Center, Northwest Local Schools and all of his peers and colleagues.  He is always willing to share his expertise, ideas and resources.  More than anything, Mr. Clark is willing to share his time, something most of us cannot get enough of.  Mr. Clark will readily give that time up to help others.

Congratulations Mr. Peter Clark, ACTE Teacher of the Year!