Northwest High School


NWHS Guidance Department


Emily Jones     Counselor
Virginia Schueler   Counselor
Brittany Summers   Counselor
Lisa Hunt   Guidance Secretary


Welcome to the NWHS Guidance Department Website. There is a multitude of information here so please spend some time looking around. Be sure to follow us on Twitter @NW_COUNSELORS.

What is the Role of a School Counselor? 

  • Give students an opportunity to talk about their education, personal, and social concerns
  • Enroll new students and assist with their transition
  • Help students to recognize, understand, and work through learning difficulties
  • Assist students and families in times of personal and family crisis
  • Assist with the design and implementation of interventions
  • Assist students with the transition between buildings
  • Assist students with scheduling of classes
  • Do academic progress checks with students
  • Assist with college admission counseling, apprenticeships, and other recommendations

Why Would Parents Contact the School Counselor? 

  • Concerns over school performance
  • Test score interpretation
  • Special needs of your child
  • Family difficulties and concerns
  • Information on various community support service.