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Master Facility Plan

NWLSD Master Facility Plan 

The district architect firm studied our facilities and determined that it was crucial for us to replace 5 of our elementary schools. As there is a tremendous need for new schools, the board unanimously voted to replace the Emergency Renewal Levy with a combined Bond/Operating Levy, lowering the millage rate from the original Emergency Renewal Levy. The original Renewal Levy millage was at a rate of 4.52 mills. 

The new Bond Issue's rate is 2.82 mills, and the Operating Levy rate is 1.0 for a total of 3.82 mills. 

The Bond Levy millage was lowered from the original May levy attempt so that ALL taxpayers will see a reduction in their school taxes. The district will utilize $10 million out of general fund to make up the difference in the Bond Issue millage. The NWLSD has made a significant number of cuts over the past 6 years to be able to make up this difference, and continues to be outstanding stewards of our tax payer's monies.  

New Bond Issue will enhance the NWLSD school community with the following:

  • Three new elementary schools - Welch, Pleasant Run, Taylor, Weigel and Struble will combine into three new buildings. 
  • Renovations and air-conditioning at Colerain Elementary School - this will ensure that all elementary schools are air-conditioned.
  • Welch and Pleasant Run Elementary Schools will combine on the PRE site and will become a K-5 elementary school.
  • Weigel and Struble Elementary Schools will combine on the Struble site and will become a K-5 elementary school.
  • Taylor will be built on the Taylor site and will become a K-5 elementary school.
  • The grounds at each site will allow construction to occur without displacing any students.
  • All 5 of our elementary schools will return to grades K-5 neighborhood schools.
  • All 3 Middle Schools and 2 High Schools will receive renovations totaling between $1 million - $2.8 million depending on each building's needs. The renovations will include roof repair, electrical upgrades, windows, technology and overall warm-safe-dry issues.

What does this Bond Issue do for our students and community?

  • Passing this Bond/Operating Levy will lower property taxes with a rate of 3.82 mills, down from the original 4.52 mills. 
  • Bevis Elementary School will be demolished if the property is not purchased following Ohio Charter school guidelines. 
  • With the addition of three new, energy efficient elementary schools, we will be able to offer all-day kindergarten at all of our elementary schools.
  • Passage of this levy and providing energy efficient buildings with air conditioning, we will be able to begin the school year earlier in August. Most school districts in the area provide 8-12 additional days of instruction due to an early August start date. Air-conditioning will allow us to begin the school year earlier. The school year would begin the first or second week in August and end in mid-May.
  • Back to traditional K-5 schools. This will assist families with one less transition by sending all elementary school children to the same school.
  • Better lighting, acoustics, room design with additional space for instructional configuration and storage.
  • Latest security upgrades  to make it as safe as possible for our students
  • Will increase the property value for our residents. New facilities will attract young families to school settings that are more conducive to learning for our students and help improve our academic rating
  • Moody's Investors Service has assigned an Aa2 rating to Northwest Local School District.  What this means is that our district has done an outstanding job of being fiscally responsible. This high rating is based upon our expenditures and the amount of money available in our general fund. This high rating allows us to get lower refinancing rates and with the passage of the levy, lower bond rates. We just finished refinancing the Monfort Heights bond, and saved the district tax payers roughly $900,000 dollars that we will not have to pay back. We also refinanced in 2005, so adding the two together we lowered the amount of money owed on the Monfort Heights bond by $1.9 million. There are only five other districts rated higher than us in Southwest Ohio. This shows that we are doing a great job of being stewards of our tax payer's monies. 

No additional property is needed to build the three new schools. The schools will be built on site at Pleasant Run, Struble and Taylor Elementary Schools while school is in session. Occupation date when Bond Issue passes is August 2018.