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Please HELP us with naming our new schools

Posted on: September 15, 2017

Please help us with naming our new schools.  The three new elementary schools will be on the following sites and will need names.  Pleasant Run  Site, Struble Site and Taylor Site.  The survey will be open for two weeks and close September 29, 2017.

Please click on the link below and give us your suggestions.

As you know, we are building three new elementary buildings at the PRMS site, Struble site and Taylor site.  We will be demolishing Taylor, Struble, Welch, PRE, and Weigel.  With that being said, we will need to name the three new schools.  Our district has several namesake schools:  Olivia Houston, Harry E. Taylor, Everett J. Welch, Clarence Struble, Bevis(after the family who owned the land that Bevis was built upon), and Ann Weigel.  Monfort Heights, Pleasant Run, and Colerain are location schools according to Colerain Township Historical Society.  

The survey will basically ask you to provide a suggestion for a school name, which site, and a brief explanation as to why you think your suggestion is appropriate.  We will take the suggestions to each of our school committees and narrow the list down to the top three for each site.  Once we have the top 3 from each site, that information will be given to our district team to make a final recommendation to the board.  

NWLSD is a significant player in the development of the three townships that encompass the NWLSD.   Information regarding the survey will be delivered through our district facebook, twitter, email, and website in an effort to gather feedback from a large number of people about the naming of our schools.  We ask that you take this survey seriously. Again, thank you for your time and commitment to NWLSD.  

Todd Bowling, Superintendent.