Pleasant Run Middle School




Dan Hoard     Teacher, Athletic Director

Athletic Information

  • Athletic team practices begin at 2:30 p.m.; some teams will begin practice later in the day or evening, depending on gym availability.
  • Athletic team games usually begin at 4:30 p.m.
  • Coaches and activity sponsors will inform the students well in advance of the scheduled activities and times, and this information is also announced over the PA system both in the morning and afternoon during the school day.
  • In order to be eligible to participate in a sport, a student must be enrolled in school and cannot receive more than one F in any of their classes, including electives, in the quarter prior to the athletic season of their interest.
  • Try-outs are required for participation in basketball for boys and girls, volleyball, and cheerleading. 
  • All athletic teams require that students “pay to play."

Student Athletic Handbook


Boys     Girls
Golf   Golf
Cross Country   Cross Country
Football   Volleyball
Basketball   Basketball
Track   Track
Wrestling   Cheerleading
    *Wrestlettes work in conjunction
with the wrestlers, keeping track of their statistics and such