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For Parents

Knowledge is a powerful tool for parents.

Keep informed on what your child is doing in school. If you ask what is going on in school and they say "nothing" do not accept that as an answer.

Be more specific with your questioning:

  • When is your next test in math?
  • What are your studying in science right now?
  • What did you get on your social studies project?
  • Let me help you review for your next quiz, what does it cover?


  • Visit the PRMS web site frequently for information and important dates.
  • E-mail your child's teacher/team.
  • Ask students for classwords and passwords for Progress Book and visit the site regularly.
  • In the beginning of each year, make it a high priority to attend Open House and find out what are the teachers' expectations of your child.
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences to get the latest information on your child's progress in class.
  • Read and keep as a reference, any handouts sent home by teachers.

Do you know your child's bell schedule and team/teacher's names? Such information can make a parent-child's conversation about school more meaningful. Discuss with your child the things they learned in school that week at the dinner table.

If your child is having problems in the classroom, now is the time to address them, don't wait until May when it may be too late to improve grades.