Pleasant Run Middle School

Pleasant Run Middle School Supply Lists

6th Grade


Graph Paper

Folder designated for Math

2 Dry Erase Markers (for student use)

Graph ruled composition note book (see example) is preferred notebook of choiceImage result for graph ruled notebook

Language Arts:

1 inch binder (Team Journey only)

Packet of dividers (Team Journey only)

Composition Notebook (Team Quest only)

Folder designated for Language Arts

Social Studies:

Folder designated for Social Studies


Folder designated for Science

General Supplies

Loose leaf paper

Additional folders for electives and to replace damaged folders


Pencils - you will need to supply these throughout the year

Pens and highlighter

Pencil pouch

**You may consider waiting to purchase a handheld laptop sleeve until after school begins**

Supplies to be kept at home: 

Colored pencils, markers


7th Grade

Language Arts     Math
Yellow 2-Pocket Folder   2-Pocket Folder
Loose-leaf Paper   Loose-leaf Paper
Pens/Pencils   Protractor
Highlighters   Ruler
Box of Tissues    
Science:   Social Studies
2-Pocket Folder     Blue 2-Pocket Folder
Loose-leaf Paper   Loose-leaf Paper
Colored Pencils,
Crayons, or Markers
For Home:    
Colored Pencils, Markers    

8th Grade

Language Arts     Math
Green Folder   Red Folder
Loose-leaf Paper   At least 2 packs of Loose-leaf Paper
Blue or Black Ink Pen    Large Box of Pencils
Science:   Social Studies
1 Binder/Folder   Composition Book (college-ruled)
Loose-leaf Paper   Two-Pocket Folder
Pens and Pencils   Loose-leaf Paper
    Pens and Pencils
For Home:    
Colored Pencils, Glue,    
Scissors, Ruler    


 Applied Mathematics (C-STEM):      

1 or 1 1/2 inch Binder     Loose Leaf Paper
Pencils   Blue, Black and Red Pen
Simple Calculator     
 5 Tab Divider:    
Bell Work, Guided Notes,   Vocabulary, Quizzes, ChIDE Records