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Article: NWLSD is Offering Drive-Thru Meals Every Thursday

NWLSD is Offering Drive-Thru Meals Every Thursday















04/02/2020 - 3:00 PM


NWLSD Staff and Families, 

Thank you for your support! We appreciate our community and our staff for their hard work. We are so proud of the laborious effort our staff put forth to make this happen. We had an unexpected and an overwhelming turnout at all three building locations. A VERY large number of families in need showed up. We were proud to be able to assist them. All of the food that was prepared for distribution on April 2, was given away. In two hours, we were able to serve over 31,447 meals! 


There has been concern about the number of people who were served. NWLSD, like other public schools that are distributing food, have State and Federal mandates we must follow.  NWLSD is participating in the Seamless Summer Option (SSO). Due to our high poverty level, we must offer food distribution to ALL children aged 18 and under, residing within our District, to participate. Today’s experience will help us to have a better understanding of what to be prepared for on the next pick-up date.  

We have received questions about opening more locations. Please know that we are making decisions based on what we know and understand about guidelines and safety for those distributing and receiving food items. Currently, only Struble, Taylor and Pleasant Run Elementary qualify to serve free meals in the SSO program, which is why we can only distribute food from these locations.  As a team, we are working behind the scenes to perfect our method. As we move forward, we will be working with the Colerain Police Department to help with traffic. 

On the next pick-up date, we will be restocked.


Please note the upcoming pick-up dates: April 16, April 23 and April 30.  

Thank you again to our community for your support! 








 3/31/2020- 4:00 PM 



NWLSD will offer Drive-Thru meals Every Thursday

NWLSD will offer Drive-Thru meals on April 2, April 16, April 23 and April 30. Meals will be available for pick up from 11 am - 1 pm at Struble Elementary, Taylor Elementary and Pleasant Run Elementary. This is open to all children age 18 and under who reside within the district area. 







3/23/2020- 12:00 PM 


NWLSD is Offering Drive-Thru Meals to Students on April 2, 2020.


NWLSD is proud to offer our families the opportunity to pick up a weeks’ worth of drive-thru meals for their students on Thursday, April 2nd from 11am-1pm from the following schools: Pleasant Run Elementary, Taylor Elementary, & Struble Elementary. This is open to all children age 18 and under who reside within the district area.

Because your health & the health of our employees is of utmost importance, we respectfully request that you remain in your vehicle during meal pickup. 


Meals will range from pre-packaged breakfast & lunch kits to granola bars, cereal, pop tarts, deli sandwiches, subs etc. All meals will include milk & fruit, fruit juice, and/or a vegetable.

NWLSD takes the COVID-19 pandemic seriously. Therefore, every employee that comes in contact with food will document their temperature prior to entering the facility & will not be permitted to enter if they have an elevated temperature, have come in contact with or had a household member come in contact with COVID-19.  We will have no more than 8 employees at a time in the facility and all employees will remain at least 6 feet apart.





3/18/2020 - 11:00 AM


If you are a parent/guardian to a NWLSD student and you were unable to pick-up food from your bus stop or you missed the bus, you can visit one of three locations to pick up your breakfast and lunch kits: Taylor, Struble or Pleasant Run Elementary. Food service staff will be available  from 11 AM -1 PM TODAY. Please pull around to the cafeteria side of the buildings. This is open to NWLSD students only. 








3/17/2020- 12:47 PM 



NWLSD plans to distribute food to parents on Wednesday, March 18th throughout the morning. We are providing 10 days worth of breakfast and lunch kits for any NWLSD student. Our Transportation Department will utilize its normal bus routes to drop off food to students. Please note that we will be using the bus stop that is closest to your home, regardless of where you go to school. The bus routes will run from 8:30 AM - 10:30 AM. 


Please use eLINK to narrow down your drop off location and time. This link will let you know when the bus should arrive at your bus stop. CLICK HERE TO ACCESS the eLink Website. Please be mindful that we have several drop-off locations for food. We have a very large district, so please allow time for our buses to get to all of our locations.  


To find your bus stop location you will need to supply the following information: (Student grade, house number, street address and zip code) 


STUDENT GRADE: (If you have multiple students, you only need to use one student’s information).

  • Middle School Students need to use the grade that they are currently in 

  • High School Students will need to select from the drop down box: “07”

  • Elementary Students will need to select from the drop down box: “07”


STREET ADDRESS: You will need to utilize the correct street abbreviation. Any misspellings will create an error message.  

avenue = ave

circle = cir

court = ct

drive = dr

lane = ln

north = n

south = s

east = e

west = w

place = pl

road = rd

square = sq

terrace = ter

street = st




“Press Find School/Transportation Info”


You will find your bus stop location listed beside “You would be assigned to this bus stop:”


We understand that parents are working, but we ask that families please make time to have a student/parent/guardian available during the allotted pick-up times. If you absolutely cannot be available, please contact the Food Service Department at 513-522-6700 Ext. 5, or email Lisa Robison @[email protected] in order to make further arrangements.


















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