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Article: NWLSD Community, 'Thank You for Your Support'

NWLSD Community, 'Thank You for Your Support'

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Thank you to our community. It is a privilege for our school district to be a part of this caring community. A strong community forges strong schools. Our students and staff are beyond blessed. It has been a very long road. Our parents, employees, board members and Community Partners for Education committee members and volunteers have put in a tremendous amount of work to accomplish this feat, but in the end, we know that the sweat and tears were worth it. Our students deserve to have bright futures, they deserve to have access to advanced courses and they deserve the opportunity to be the best that they can be. The passing of the levy is the thing we needed to continue to offer our students opportunities to succeed. 

To every person that cast their ballots in favor of our levy, thank you. To every person that worked after hours, that stood in the cold, that passed out door drops, that made phone calls, or said a prayer, we greatly appreciate you.

Moving forward, our District will continue to lay a firm foundation for our students to stand on. This year we rolled out our strategic plan. It is our vision for tomorrow and it is the foundation for how we will move forward. We are putting our efforts into creating learning experiences that are rigorous and engaging for all students, providing the resources and care to establish our student’s social and emotional development, building a more equitable and inclusive learning environment, aligning our District resources with our instructional priorities and cultivating a culture where two-way communication between our District and our community thrives. 

As we continue our effort to fully establish our Strategic Plan, we invite all of our stakeholders to be a part of the work. If you are interested in signing up to participate on one of the strategic plan committees, please click here: STRATEGIC PLAN COMMITTEE SIGN-UP SHEET. 

As a member of the committee, you will be invited to attend (monthly) meetings where you will brainstorm ideas to implement the goals related to the five focus-areas of our strategic plan. Members of the committees can expect to attend meetings, plan and organize projects as well as provide input on how we as a District shall move forward. We need your thoughts, your ideas and your voice at the table. We urge you to join us. Change starts with you. 

We are committed to moving forward together. Our relationship with all of our stakeholders is vital. As we move forward, join us in our effort to make our mission and vision for our District a reality. 

Thank you again for your support, 

Todd Bowling

Superintendent, Northwest Local School District  

Amy M. Wells

CFO/Treasurer, Northwest Local School District 

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