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Article: Senior Events Information 2020

Senior Events Information 2020

Senior Event Information

Class of 2020 Northwest High School Families,

Congratulations again on your student’s senior year! Much hard work has gone into reaching this milestone - as a student and as a family. As a district, we have committed to keeping you safe, but to also recognizing the wonderful members of the Class of 2020. This letter will answer many of the questions you have about upcoming events for our seniors, so please read carefully through this entire document. I know it is long, but there are many updates to give to our families.

Prom Court

Applications for Prom Court will be accepted until TODAY at 6 p.m. The form is in the Senior Class Google Classroom. Next week, we will deliver Prom Court sashes, and then seniors will vote on the “Quaran-Queen” and “Quaran-King” to be crowned on Friday, May 1st. Mrs. Stosur and Mrs. Smith will use social distancing, but will do the crowning in person by visiting houses!

Virtual Prom

We wish we could celebrate with all of you at Prom in person, but we do not know the next time 300 people will be allowed to be in one venue. So, our DJ is going to host a virtual Prom during our regularly-scheduled time on May 1 from 8-11. Students will join a Zoom “meeting” and can request songs. This event is free to all of our seniors. A link to the event will be sent out to all seniors.

Cap and Gown Distribution

Graduate Service, Inc. is the provider for our official school representative to order graduation announcements, as well as caps and gowns. Remember that all items that are ordered will be kept by the graduate, with the exception of the rental gown. Each order comes with a cap, tassel, and a white stole with the Northwest insignia. 

As a safety precaution, these items will now be MAILED to the homes of all graduates who have placed orders.

If you still need to place an order for your cap and gown, please visit the website at www.graduateserviceinc.com. Make sure you select Northwest High School in Cincinnati, as there are many different schools with our same name. If you no longer wish to order a cap and gown, that is a family decision. If you ordered announcements, and have not yet received them, please contact Graduate Services. 

If you would like to request a refund, please email [email protected]

Yard Signs for the Class of 2020

Many of you have asked about purchasing a yard sign to commemorate your senior. The Class of 2020 has decided to use yard signs as their class gift, so each senior will be receiving a free yard sign. Thank you to our Senior Class OAB!

Look for future information on how these will be distributed.

Senior Recognition Event

We will honor our Top Ten students, those enlisting in the military, and will announce senior awards and scholarships in a virtual ceremony on May 7th. Waycross will be filming this for all families to view, and we will share a link to access the program. All awards and scholarships will then be delivered or mailed to students after the recognition event. 

Athletic Signing Ceremony

We have seniors who will sign letters of intent to compete in athletics at the collegiate level, or who have earned athletic scholarships. A virtual ceremony for these students will take place on May 5th. This will also be filmed by Waycross, and a link will be shared so all can view this ceremony.

Graduation Ceremony

The Ohio Department of Education released this statement yesterday concerning graduation ceremonies:


It is important that we, like other school districts around Ohio, adhere to the guidelines that are outlined in ODE’s graduation ceremony statement.

In order to still recognize our seniors, we will be hosting a virtual ceremony on our originally scheduled Graduation date - May 18th at 7 p.m. This ceremony will be able to be seen with a link from Waycross that we will share with families. 

Trying to plan for a large group ceremony does not seem feasible at this time, or any time in the near future, as there is already an indication that events next fall may be postponed.

However, we are considering an option for seniors to be able to personally pick up their diplomas wearing their caps and gowns, and for family members to be able to take pictures, as well as for professional pictures to be taken. This would be optional and would be scheduled as an appointment individual to each graduate, so that we abide by state regulations. More details would be provided to all graduates and families once a date can be determined.



Diploma Pick Up/Gown Return (and return of other school items)

Later in the summer, we will schedule days and times for students (safely and in small groups) to report to school to pay school fees, pick up diplomas, return rental gowns, receive items from their lockers, and turn in the following items:

  • Library books

  • Textbooks

  • Chrome books

  • Athletic Department items - uniforms and equipment

  • Butler Tech program materials

  • Music equipment


Senior Banners (currently displayed outside at NWHS) and Sports Banners

Beginning the week of May 11, please feel free to remove only your student’s banner from the front of the school along the fence. Those are yours to keep as a gift from the Northwest Boosters! Exercise social distancing regulations when doing this. Gatherings of any type are not permitted on campus.

For the banners that are hanging in the gym for our athletes, we will arrange a way to get these to you and your students.



We won’t be able to have our yearbooks delivered until the fall, but we will notify all students who ordered one when they can be picked up. If you would still like to order a yearbook, please email Mr. Gilliand at [email protected].

Mr. Gilliand is also looking for additional photos (including some of remote learning), so please email him if you would like to submit photos for the yearbook.


Reminders about Eligibility to Receive a Diploma

All assignments for fourth quarter that have been given during remote learning are due for seniors by May 8th. Students who do not pass a class that is required for graduation will not be eligible to receive a diploma. Students in the Class of 2020 must have 20 credits in order to graduate. If you or your student are concerned about credits, please contact your student’s counselor. Students who do not have the required credits to graduate will be eligible to take courses this summer and be a summer graduate for the Class of 2020. Staff will be reaching out to families of students who are in jeopardy of not having the required credits completed by May 8.


I know that this is not what you or your student planned for his/her senior year of high school. However, the staff of Northwest High School is happy we were able to spend three and three-quarters of their years in high school together; and we know that if any class can get through this, it is the Class of 2020. They have proved to be resilient when faced with adversity, and I know this obstacle will be no different. There are many opinions of what we “should” do for our seniors, but we need to put the safety of our students and their families first in all situations, and with what we have been planning, we will do that. We also need to continue to have a realistic outlook on what will be permitted, and when, in the State of Ohio, and continually postponing events doesn’t seem fair to students or families. 


Please reach out to me if you have questions about any information in this document.

Thank you, as always, for your support! Go Knights!

Susan Smith, Principal

[email protected]

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