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Article: EdChoice Voucher Program

EdChoice Voucher Program

EdChoice Voucher Program

This year, Northwest Local School District had six schools that were identified for the EdChoice Voucher Program due to recent legislative changes in House Bill 166. Unfortunately, our district was not alone. Nearly 70% of school districts across the State of Ohio were also identified, resulting in a 384% increase of eligible schools since 2018. For many schools, the financial impact will be devastating. 

Across the State, parents, community members and school officials are reaching out to elected officials to urge them to address the issue. Time is running short for the legislature to take action on the EdChoice Voucher Program. The General Assembly must make changes prior to its holiday break in a few short weeks so that the changes can be made before the February 1 voucher application period.

We urge you to take action now. It is crucial that legislative leadership, your local legislators and the governor’s office hear from you as soon as possible. Contact information for key leaders can be found below along with other important links. We have also included a sample letter, a phone script and talking points that may assist you when speaking with elected officials. 

Again, your legislative contacts are crucial to our campaign for change. The need for change is urgent because the next voucher application period opens February 1. Please act now! The next 48 hours are crucial. Even if you have made contacts already, these new talking points provide a reason for you to reach out to legislators again with new information.

Thank you for your help on this important effort! Please contact us with questions.

Important Links: (right click, then right click again and link will come up)

Contact Information For Legislators and Governor Mike DeWine

EdChoice Sample Letter to Legislators

EdChoice Talking points 

EdChoice Sample Phone Script  

Short-Term Solutions

List of Buildings Subject to EdChoice in School Year 2020-2021

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