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Article: L.I.V.E Cincinnati Visits Taylor Elementary

L.I.V.E Cincinnati Visits Taylor Elementary


NWLSD elementary and middle schools are participating in the LIVE Cincinnati program! #NWLSDgobeyond On December 9th, Taylor Elementary’s fourth and fifth grade students were able to hear presentations. 

L.I.V.E. CINCINNATI is program implemented by Hamilton County Juvenile Court that strives to enhance the knowledge and skills about the potential risks and consequences of coming in contact with an illegal gun by using a variety of educational activities and experiences that include: music, art, videos, print material, interactive panel presentations and simple action steps.

Through L.I.V.E., Hamilton County Juvenile Court joins forces with parents, children and teens, educators, law enforcement, prosecutors, parents of murdered children and other public and private partners to keep children and communities safe.

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