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Article: NWLSD's Statement concerning 11/21/2019

NWLSD's Statement concerning 11/21/2019

UPDATE 11/22/19


November 22, 2019 

Northwest High School November 21st Update 

We appreciate all of the support we have received from our local law enforcement agencies and the cooperation of our teachers and staff in keeping our buildings and our students safe. We are saddened by the events that transpired yesterday afternoon in our community. We are asking everyone to keep our students, their families and our community in your thoughts. 

On November 21st at 2:50 PM, 10 minutes after dismissal, Northwest High School (NWHS) went into full lockdown due to gunshots fired on Newmarket Drive. Colerain Police Department was notified and were on the scene. At the time when gunshots were heard, students who were immediately outside of the building were ushered back into the school and the doors were locked. Following proper A.L.I.C.E protocol, since the shooter had not been identified, individuals that later returned to the building were not granted re-entry. A.L.I.C.E is a national active shooter training & preparedness model. Students were held in a secure location until family members arrived to pick them up. NWHS parents were notified by phone and email of the lockdown. 

On arrival, Colerain Police began investigating the situation. We do know at this time that four individuals were involved. Two are current NWHS students, one a past NWHS graduate from 2012 and the fourth individual was a non-student who possessed the gun. The 2012 graduate was fatally injured and one NWHS student incurred non-life threatening injuries. At this time, there is no evidence of the utilized weapon being inside of the high school. There is still an active investigation that is underway by the Colerain Police Department.

Earlier in the day our NWHS administrators and staff had contacted the parents of the two students involved in the November 21st incident after rumors circulated of a potential altercation to take place after school. Our administration has confirmed that there was not an altercation that took place during school or on school property yesterday involving these two individuals, and that our administrators followed the proper de-escalation protocols to mitigate any potential situation.

“Our district has policies in force to ensure the safety of our students and staff. We take this responsibility seriously,” said Todd Bowling, Superintendent of the Northwest Local School District. “We are reviewing and assessing all of the policies at this time to make sure that we continue to take the proper steps when incidents take place. Our administrators and staff are vigilant in placing a priority on maintaining the safety of our students,” said Bowling.   

“We are working with the Colerain Police Department, who are present at NWHS throughout the day. We currently have additional administrative support throughout our buildings. We will also be taking the time to further educate all district staff on emergency procedures within the upcoming days,” said Bowling. 

NWHS is closed today and all school activities scheduled have been cancelled. NWHS has counselors available throughout the day. The school is currently working with The Children’s Home of Cincinnati to provide the counseling. Parents and students who are interested in speaking with a counselor can call 513-851-7300. 

We will keep the community posted as we continue to find out information. 

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