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Article: Remote Learning School Supplies K-8

Remote Learning School Supplies K-8

Q: What school supplies will my student need if they are in the remote learning academy?



Elementary School (Grades K-5)

Accelerate Education identifies the following basic school supplies as necessary for elementary students participating in the remote learning academy. NWLSD encourages elementary families to provide these supplies for students who will be a part of the remote learning academy.


Kindergarten-Grade 5


Colored Pencils 

Pencils (12 pk)

Composition Notebooks, QTY 4




Highlighter, Yellow

Scotch Tape

Marker, Black Permanent

Watercolor Paints

Paint Brushes


*NWLSD has purchased and will provide headphones for students in grades K-5 to assist with concentration. Headphones are a board approved instructional fee item and a $8.00 fee will be assigned for students in the Remote Learning Academy. The district Technology Fee will also be assigned.


Middle School: (Grades 6-8)

Accelerate Education does not indicate that any supplies are necessary for middle school students. NWLSD encourages middle school families to provide the following basic school supplies for students who will be a part of the remote learning academy.


Pencils (12 pk)

Composition Notebooks, QTY 4

Colored Pencils

Highlighters, Yellow QTY 2

Wide-Ruled Paper (1 package)

4 different colored folders for organization (optional)


*NWLSD has purchased and will provide earbuds for students in grades 6-8 to assist with concentration. Earbuds are a board approved instructional fee item and a $5.00 fee will be assigned for students in the Remote Learning Academy. The district Technology Fee of $15.00 will also be assigned for students in the Remote Learning Academy. Students in the Access program will receive the Wordly Wise workbooks that are board approved as fee items for these courses ($13.00).


Accelerate Education identifies the following materials as additional items that would be beneficial for students using their online program. These represent items that will be used throughout the course of the school year.These items are not all needed at the start of the course but may be acquired throughout the year. Many are regular household items. NWLSD is sharing this information with families but is NOT expecting families to go out and purchase these items. These items are optional. Our NWLSD teachers will support families who do not have these items with key associated learning concepts through their Google Classrooms.


Kindergarten - Optional


Alfalfa seeds ½ teaspoons 

Bag of dry beans, QTY 100

Beads (caution: buttons would be a choking hazard), QTY 50 0f various size and color

Beads in three colors, 1/8” to 3/16” wide, QTY 30 of each color

Bean seeds, Lima, QTY 2

Bean seeds, Scarlet runner, QTY 20

Blocks (Lego, building blocks, etc.), QTY 16 

Coin Pennies (Caution: choking hazard) QTY 10

Cardboard, 8.5” X 11”, QTY 2 

3x5 Index Cards (100pk)

Crayons (64ct) 

Cloth, (as a cape), 22” X 32”

Coin, Dime (Caution: Choking hazard), QTY 1 

Coin, Nickels (Caution: Choking hazard), QTY 5

Chalk, sidewalk, 1 piece 

Cotton balls, 1.25 cups

Cup, clear plastic, 12 oz (drinking glass) 

Cup, clear plastic, 9 oz (glass tumbler)

Cups, foam coffee, 8 oz 

Deck of cards, (like kid’s Crazy 8s)

Dowel, 12” X 3/8” 

Felt, 8” X 8”

Flashlight, easy to take apart standard type 

Garden stakes, 3’ to 4’ long, QTY 3

Iron filings, 3 cc 

Jar, wide mouth, 16 to 32 oz

Magnets, 1 each of bar type and horse shoe type 

Magnifying glass, 50 to 75 mm

Maple sugar, 1 tablespoon 

Mixture of soil, sand and peat, 1 cup

Modeling clay, about 2.5 lbs 

Nails, zinc 2” to 2.5”, QTY 3

Paper plate, 9”, QTY 5 

Paper towel to use as blotter paper, 2 sheets

Pipe cleaners in various colors, QTY 26 total 

Plastic, vinyl, 6” X 6”

Pots, starter peat pots (includes soil), QTY 5 

Rubber band, thick, 3” long

Salt, 1 cup 

Sand or glitter, 1 teaspoon

Seeds, flowers, QTY 10 

Straws, clear drinking, QTY 6

String, 9’ 

Sunflower seeds (to plant), QTY 25


Tacks / pushpins, QTY 26 

Toothpicks, QTY 10

Poster Board (8.5 x 11, 9 pieces) 

 Pen, black click (able to be taken apart)

Watercolor paper, 9” X 12”, QTY 2 

Multi-Color Construction Paper

Variety of containers

Large piece of display board, about 36” X 48”

Textured fabrics and materials of different kinds (velvet, wool, sandpaper, bubble wrap, etc). 

Sweet potato or avocado seed

Garden fork 




First Grade - Optional


Bags, plastic zip close type, quart size, QTY 2

Balance scale (small handheld)

Ball, indoor safe, about 2”-3”

Bean bags, QTY 2

Beans, as counters, QTY 100

Bird seeds, 1 cup

Blindfold (bandana)

Bowl, foam, 20 oz

Bowl, foam, 12 oz

Box, cardboard, shoe box size

Thermometer, outdoor, with Celsius and Fahrenheit measurements

Cardstock printed with coins (included in the supply kit) or coins

Cardstock printed with sock shapes to cut out

Clay, 4-6 oz

Compass, 25 mm or larger size

Container, about 2 oz

Cotton balls, 1-2 cups

Deck of cards such as “Go Fish” game

Dowel, 8” X 5/8”

Drinking glass, plastic 12 oz

Forceps or tweezers

Globe, inflatable

Hole puncher, single

Honey, small packet

Inflatable ball (soccer ball size)

Inflatable beach ball, about 6”

Jump rope, kid’s size

Magnet, with center hole

Magnifying glass, 50mm or larger

Nails, 1.5”-2”, QTY 3

Paper clips, QTY 12

Paper towels (blotting paper), 6 sheets

Paper, 8 ½” X 11”, QTY 10

Paper, legal size, QTY 12

Paper, poster, about 11” X 17”, 3 Pieces

Paper, roll of blank white, 24” X 10’

Pin, sewing type

Pine cones, QTY 3

Plate, plastic, 9”

Potting soil, 1.5 cups


Push pins, QTY 3

Starting pots, 2 ½” X 2 ½”, QTY 2

Straw, plastic drinking

String, cotton 16’

Crayons (64ct)

Tomato seeds, QTY 8

Cardboard, about 11” X 17”

Multi-Color Construction Paper

Toothpicks, QTY 10

Wax paper, 12” pieces, QTY 4

Wood dowel (or stick), 12”

Yarn, 12’ for 4 pieces of finger knitting

Yarn, 8”, 6 pieces 

Empty toilet paper roll

Socks (from family laundry)

Hard boiled eggs, QTY 7

Large box (big enough for the student to sit in)

Rope for tug of war

Gallon or half gallon plastic milk jug


Flowers or plants for pressing

Old sheet or towel

Soapy water


Pre-made calendar or available calendar

Peanut butter

Empty milk carton

1 cup of Crisco or shortening


Large pot, pitcher, or sink filled with water

Marbles (optional)

Play Dough (optional)

Magazines (optional)

Popcorn (optional)

Toys (optional)




Second Grade - Optional


Bag of Beans, for counters, about 130 beans

String, 13 feet

Birdseed, 1 cup


3x5 Index Cards (100pk)

Multi-Color Construction Paper

Hole punch, single

Wax Paper, 10” X 12”, QTY 10

Rubber bands, colored

Push pins, tall, QTY 25

Globe (inflatable)

Seeds, beans, QTY 6

Pots for plants, 2.5” square, QTY 3

Yarn, red, blue and green, 8’ each

KoKo's Kitten (Francine Patterson) Book

Yarn, 8”, QTY 9

Popsicle Sticks (craft sticks), QTY 2

Potting soil, about 2 cups


Small objects for measuring (string, paperclips, etc.)

Large grapefruit or orange

Leaves (evergreen and / or deciduous)

Old sheet or towel

Gum, about 10 pieces


Third Grade - Optional


Balloons, 9”, QTY 2

Pitcher (Gallon)

Brass Brad

Plastic bowl, 12 oz

Cardboard, 8.5” X 11”, QTY 3

Clay, air dry, 2.5 pounds

Clay, any color, 4 oz non drying

Clear plastic or plastic wrap, 6” X 6”

Construction paper, Blue 3 hole pre-punched, 7 pages

Printed sheet of coins with 50 pennies, 4 dimes, 1 nickel, 1 quarter, 1 dollar bill, and 30 counters

3x5 Index Cards (300)

Tempera Paint (R,Y,B) with small roller

Cups, foam, 3 to 6 oz, QTY 2

Cups, paper, 3-5 oz, QTY 3

Cups, plastic clear, 12 oz, QTY 2

Cups, plastic clear, 9 oz, QTY 3

Eye dropper

Foam craft material, 8.5” X 11”

Foam rod, round ½” X 20’

Food coloring (red and green), 5 mL each

Globe, inflatable, 10” to 14”

Hole puncher, single hole

Jar with lid, 6 oz to 12 oz

Liquid Measuring Cup, 1 cup (8 oz)

Liquid Measuring Cup, 4 cups / 1 liter

Magnifying glass, 2x to 10 x

Nail, 2 ½”

Outdoor thermometer / general purpose, F/C

Paper clips, large, QTY 12

Permanent Marker, black

Plate, paper, 9”

Plate, plastic, 9”

Plate, small paper 6”, QTY 2

Cotton balls, about 1 quart

Rubber band, 3”

Sheets of Hundred Blocks, QTY 13

Sponge, standard, 2” x 2” x ½” (clean)

Sponge, standard, 2” x 4” x ½”


Steel washer, 7/16 – ½”


String, cotton, 10 feet


Tape measure, 60” cloth with metric and inches


Toothpicks, box of 100

Watercolor paper

Yarn, 14 feet

Yarn, ball, 30-60 feet

Wire hanger

Cylinder object such as a crayon

Gallon job

Meat thermometer

Body temperature thermometer

Dictionary, print or online

Lamp from your home or school

Gallon container or similar bowl or pan

Ice cubes

Globe and / or world maps that indicate terrain (Google maps)

Avocado or sweet potato

Celery stalk




Fourth Grade - Optional


Aluminum Foil, about 12” X 10”

Bag, clear plastic, 1 gallon, 2 mil, zip lock

Bags, 4” X 6” 4 mil, zip-close plastic, QTY 3

Balloons, 9”, QTY 3

Battery, D

Bowl, 12 oz foam, QTY 4

Box for a diorama, shoebox size

Car, small toy

Chalk, ½ Teaspoon, ground up

Clay, air dry, 8 oz

Clay, modeling, 2 oz each (blue, brown, green, white, gray, yellow)

Container, plastic, 6 quarter, QTY 2

3x5 Index Cards (100pk)

Highlighters – 4 Colors, No Yellow

Craft sticks, small, wooden, QTY 4

Cup, clear plastic, 9 oz

Cups, 12 oz clear plastic, QTY 8

Cups, paper, about 3 oz, QTY 4

Dirt, ½ teaspoon

Drawing paper, 8.5” X 11, 28 pound, QTY 6

Epsom salt, 12 oz

File folders, manila, tabbed, QTY 7

Flour, 1.1 cup

Foam, plastic, 2” X 3” X ½”

Food coloring (any color will work)

Inflatable globe

Gumdrops, 5 of one color, 1 of each of 4 colors

Index cards, 4” X 6”, QTY 30

Indoor holiday light, 1 bulb with wires attached

Jars with lids, clear plastic, 6 oz, QTY 8

Liquid measuring cup, 1 cup / 250 ml size (metric & stan-dard)

Match, QTY 3

Measuring spoon, ½ teaspoon

Measuring spoon 1 tablespoon

Nail, 3”, zinc (galvanized nails are zinc coated)

Oil, ½ teaspoon cooking

Pebbles, 1 cup

Pitcher ½ gallon


Plate, white foam, 9”, QTY 1

Plywood, about 5” X 11”

Potting soil, 1.5 quart


Salt, 1.75 cups

Sand, 1.25 quart

Soap, ½ teaspoon liquid

Soap, ½ teaspoon solid laundry

Socks, 1 pair

Sponge, 2” X 2” X ½” (simple, inexpensive sponge with no scrubber side)

Spoon, large mixing

Straight pin

Straw, clear plastic drinking

String, light cotton, 6’

Sugar cubes, QTY 6

Sugar, 3 teaspoons of regular granular

Thermometer, 6”

Thumbtacks, QTY 2 metal

Toothpicks, QTY 16

Vinegar, 4.2 oz

Wax paper, 12” long, QTY 7

Wire, copper with insulation, ends stripped, 20 gauge 12”

Wire, copper, 3”, bare thick 10-14 gauge

Wood block, about 1.5 “ X 3.5” X 4”

Poster Board, 11’x17”, 3 Pieces

Graph paper

Dictionary, print or online

House plant

Bottle, 2-Liter, plastic

Lamp from your home or school

3 liquids (pint of milk, bottle of water, can of juice, etc.)

Rubbing alcohol

Water bottle

Eggs, QTY 2

Orange juice, can of frozen concentrate

Bottle of soda, 2-Liter

Watch or clock

Leaf, large

Alcohol, ½ teaspoon rubbing


Ice cubes, 2-3 trays

Materials for wrapping cups (such as bubble wrap, aluminum foil, plastic bags, newspaper, cardboard or cloth)

Metal and non-metal objects

Tap water


Cardboard, heavy paper, and/or modeling clay to make creatures

Materials to build landscape

Leaves and grass, collected


Fifth Grade - Optional


Comb, 4-inch plastic

Pennies, QTY 8

Balloons, 12”, QTY 2

Cardboard, 8.5” X 11”, QTY 2

Cheesecloth, 8” X 8”, QTY 2


Container, 6 qt plastic shoebox size (to hold the water)

Containers, small plastic with similar volume and different shapes, QTY 3

Dice, QTY 2

Dried mint leaves

Dried sweet basil

Fabric, soft such as lightweight flannel, 9” X 9”, QTY 2


Ground cloves

Needle and thread

Paper towel, 1 sheet

Paper, drawing, 3 sheets

Rubber bands, 3”

Small mirror, about 2” X 3”

Tape measure, cloth

Three types of seeds:  corn (maize), bean (lima or other large bean), and radish

Waxed paper, 4” X 3”

Wineglass, with thin rim

Ziploc or plastic lunch bag, quart size

3x5 Index Cards (10)

Highlighter - Blue

Masking Tape

Multi-Color Construction Paper

Poster Board 8.5”x11”

Jars with lids, clear plastic, 6 oz, QTY 8

Calculator, handheld or online

Rectangular prisms of any size from around your home or school (tissue box, shoe box, cereal box, etc.) QTY 5

Graph paper, can be printer

Paper towel tube

Rose petals


Accelerate Education does not identify additional materials for any of the Middle School courses. 


Additional Note: Independent Reading and Novel Studies

NWLSD will be removing the independent reading and novel studies and activities that are listed in the Accelerate Education program. Accelerate Education does not provide the books and novels that are identified and we feel that purchasing these would be an unnecessary burden for our families. NWLSD has purchased online resources for independent reading that have been approved by the board of education and purchased for and are being used in classrooms and these will be made available to students in the Remote Learning Academy through the student’s Clever dashboard (Reach for Reading - Elementary, StudySync - Middle School). Families are encouraged to promote independent reading with materials of their choosing as part of their overall at-home learning experience. NWLSD teachers can help direct students to the many free e-books that are available from local and national vendors and libraries, as well as those which are purchased by the district.


Q: What do we need to know about the Accelerate Education student workbooks? Are they required?


A: Accelerate Education offers printed workbooks for students in Grades K-5 for all four core subjects (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, Science). Parents may purchase these workbooks independently at a cost of $17/subject for each semester. Workbooks for the first semester (two quarters) are labeled with an “A” and those for second semester with a “B”. Workbooks are not required to participate in the remote learning academy. All activities that are part of the workbook are included in the Accelerate Education digital platform as PDFs that can be downloaded and printed. 


The District will print the Language Arts and Math workbooks for families who are eligible for an instructional fee waiver. Eligibility is determined through the application process with our Food Service Department. The District is waiting for Accelerate Education to release electronic versions of these workbooks so that they can be printed. Families will be required to pick printed workbooks up from their child’s school.

As soon as these workbooks are available, eligible families who have expressed an interest will be notified. 


There are no Accelerate Education workbooks for middle school students.


Important Remote Learning Course Update:


Accelerate Education made NWLSD aware on 8/13/2020 that students in Grades K-5 will not have the option to enroll in their physical education courses. We sincerely apologize for this change in offerings. 


Art is the only elective course available in Accelerate Education for students in Grades K-2. Individual school buildings are working on alternative plans for providing students in Grades K-2 with additional virtual enrichment options and more information will be forthcoming when it is available.


Students in grades 3-5 who selected Physical Education (PE) as one of their choices will have the opportunity to select a different elective. If you select PE as an elective for your child in grades 3-5, you may submit an alternate elective course preference to curriculum@nwlsd.org. Please be sure to include your child’s name, student ID, grade, and school in the email. 


Here is a list of the elective course options available in Accelerate Education:


Grade 3:

Music - recorder, Art, Keyboarding, Scratch Coding


Grade 4:

Art, Keyboarding, Scratch Coding


Grade 5:

Art, Keyboarding, Scratch Coding

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