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Article: NWLSD Is Offering Two Parenting Classes

NWLSD Is Offering Two Parenting Classes

Parenting Classes

Northwest Local School District (NWLSD) is partnering with the Village Empowerment Network for a second year, to offer two 10-week long parenting classes that focus on equipping parents with the skills and the resources that they need to help build their student’s social and emotional development. Last year, NWLSD offered The Parent Project class to over 35 families. This year, in addition to the Parent Project, they are able to offer a class called Loving Solutions. Both classes are set to begin in September of this year.

The two classes target parents with students of various age ranges. The Parent Project, is designed for parents with children 11-18 years of age. This class focuses on helping parents prevent teen alcohol and drug use and teaches techniques on how parents can effectively communicate with their children. Loving Solutions is designed for parents with children ages 5-10 years of age. This class focuses on improving school performance through the implementation of behavior management. Participants in the class can expect to receive answers to address questions concerning attention deficit disorder, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, as well as how parents can work with their child to improve school attendance. 

“These programs are so valuable. Higher social and emotional skills learned and strengthened in a child's early years will assist with successful outcomes later in life, said Lindsey Gibson, NWLSD Social Worker. “It is important to develop self-awareness, self-regulation, social awareness, relationship skills and responsible decision-making skills. These skills are all fostered through parenting to create an environment that is conducive as possible for the child to learn the skills. Having the right or necessary parenting skills is the foundation to help with a child's social and emotional development,” said Gibson.

The 10-week sessions are currently being taught by the Village Empowerment Network (VEN). VEN encourages families build a village that helps to reach, encourage and develop children, believing that parents, teachers and community members are needed in order to help children thrive. The program curriculum offers practical solutions to even the most destructive behaviors. In addition to the skills learned in the class, the parents will receive information about community resources and learn about family activities and events.

“Parents and caretakers are the first models in a child's life and they have the greatest impact,” said Gibson. They need to be equipped to deal with behaviors and society's impact on their child's life. For years the move has been to focus on the child but we believe it is vital to take a holistic view and intervene as a family unit.”  

“We’ve found that the information that has been taught during the 10-week courses have increased positive parent involvement and have empowered parents, which has led to reduced behavior problems and truancy, increased grades and have improved graduation rates,” said Gibson. 

The deadline to participate in the class is quickly approaching. Participants can register by contacting Lindsey Gibson, at 513-648-4085 or Lisa Murray, with the Village Empowerment Network at 513-549-0417. All parents MUST be registered before the second week of class. For ages 5-10 years of age, the deadline is September 11, 2019.  For parents of students 11-18 years of age, the deadline is September 16, 2019. 



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