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Article: Clarifying NWLSD's Internal, Support and External Organizations

Clarifying NWLSD's Internal, Support and External Organizations

We have received some questions and would like to take this opportunity to clarify the relationship between the Northwest Local School District (NWLSD) and other various groups/organizations. There are three types of groups: 1) Internal: Groups connected directly to the District; 2) Support: Board approved support groups and; 3) External: Community organizations. 

  1. Internal: NWLSD has many groups that are directly connected to the District with all financial and legal responsibility and activities. These groups are run by personnel employed by the District, such as our clubs, music groups, and athletic teams. The District athletic teams begin with Middle School students in the 7th grade and continue through High School. The District does not offer any athletic programs for students up through 6th grade.

  1. Support: NWLSD also has many support groups that are independent of the District, but exist to support the students and staff of the District. These groups are our high school Booster groups and Parent-Teacher Associations (PTAs). Each January, the Board of Education approves a list of these support organizations and they follow Board Policy #9211. 

  1. External: Community organizations exist to support children of all ages within the community, but are not associated with the District. Community organizations are independent for-profit organizations or established non-profit organizations. These groups may be youth sport leagues (NWLSD does not offer athletic programs below 7th grade), boy and girl scouts, YMCA, etc. Again, these organizations are completely independent of the district. NWLSD may rent our facilities to community organizations; therefore, you may see some of these organizations utilize our District gyms, fields and or facilities when they are available. 
As parents continue to explore opportunities for their children, we want to make sure everyone has a clear understanding of which groups are directly associated with the District/School (Internal or Support) and which ones are community organized (External) and independent of the District. 

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