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Article: NWLSD's COVID Response Plan

NWLSD's COVID Response Plan


NWLSD Staff and Families,

On August 19, 2021 a decision was made at the Board of Education meeting regarding NWLSD’s COVID Response Plan. This decision put a tiered response plan in place based on local data within the community and Northwest Local Schools. As indicators are met, tiered protective interventions will be put in place based on the number of indicators (see chart below).

This plan will allow the District to continue offering students an opportunity to learn in-person, which is NWLSD’s ultimate goal.

Review Our Data:

Data that will be used to determine tiered response: 
District Zip Codes (3 Out Of 5)
·  An indicator will be met when: there are 9 or more positive cases in 3 out of 5 zip codes within our district. The zip codes that we will monitor are: 45231, 45239, 45240, 45247 and 45251.

County Trend
·   An indicator will be met when: there is an average of 255 new positive COVID cases throughout a period of a week within Hamilton County. 

Student Positive Cases
·   An indicator will be met when: 14 or more students throughout the district have positive cases within a week

Staff Positive Cases
·   An indicator will be met when: 11 or more staff members throughout the district have positive cases within a week

Student Quarantines 
 ·   An indicator will be met when: 75 or more students have quarantines resulting from school based exposure throughout the district within a week

CDC level of Community Transmission
·   An indicator will be met when: the CDC’s County Trend is Red. (The CDC has a color indicator to gauge community trend of COVID cases throughout the County – blue (low), yellow (moderate), peach (substantial), and red (high). https://covid.cdc.gov/covid-data-tracker/ - county-view

Protective Interventions
# of indicators
Air purification, additional cleaning, self-screening, recommended masking
Limit visitors in buildings and at events during school hours unless by appointment
Modified Lunch Spaces
Universal Masking (Staff and Students)
Limit indoor capacity at events to 25% and outdoor capacity to 30% outside of school hours
Reduce or limit movement and/or multiple exposures
Intermittent active screening of student symptoms at school
** Protective Interventions will be imposed when the data is above the benchmark for 1 week

***Once a protective intervention is imposed, it will not be removed until 6 weeks after a vaccine is readily available for all school age populations or the data is below the benchmark for 3 consecutive weeks

Any orders from other Governmental agencies will supersede this plan

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