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Article: NWLSD Board Supports a New Homestead Exemption Enhancement

NWLSD Board Supports a New Homestead Exemption Enhancement

NWLSD Board Moves In Support of a New Homestead Exemption Enhancement
CINCINNATI, OH - Northwest Local School District’s Board of Education moved in support of a new Homestead Exemption Enhancement, which acknowledges the need for partial tax relief for senior citizens. The Board’s support comes as a nod to the Ohio General Assembly to address two issues: HB 59 enacted in 2013, which eliminated the 12.5% property tax credits on new school district levies and the 2014 modification of the Homestead Exemption Program, which limited eligibility of senior citizens who qualify for the tax exemption. The modifications to these two programs resulted in creating a financial burden that impacted many senior citizens living in their homes on a fixed income.
After deliberating on the topic at the February 7, 2022 Board meeting, the Board made a recommendation to the Ohio General Assembly through the enactment of a resolution to enhance the Homestead Exemption Program to provide additional financial assistance for senior citizens. The Board made a motion to have Amy M. Wells, CFO and Treasurer of NWLSD, share the resolution with locally elected members of the State House of Representatives, State Senate, leaders within the General Assembly and the Governor.  
“We know that our senior community supports our school district and that they understand the importance of advocating for the work that is being done to provide our K-12 students with the type of education they need to be tomorrow’s leaders and to be productive members within our community,” said Mark Gilbert, NWLSD Board President. “We appreciate their support and stand with them, understanding how these program modifications impact our seniors. ”

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