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A Message From Our NWLSD Treasurer
Amy M. Wells

School funding has long been an issue in the State of Ohio. The school funding system has been declared unconstitutional four times by the Ohio Supreme Court. 

In the State of Ohio, school funding is a partnership between the local community and the state.  This partnership requires local support for public schools. The state determines what it costs for a basic education and how much a local community can afford to pay; the state then pays the difference. The State has determined that our local community can afford to pay 60% of a basic education. Currently, our community pays 40%, leaving 20% of a basic education and all programs and services above basic unfunded.

As a District, we cannot change the system, but we can urge our community members to support our efforts to equip our students with the best education that they can receive. A basic education does not and will not educate the whole student and leaves far too many gaps in public education.

We currently serve approximately 9,200 students within our eleven buildings (PK-12). All of our students deserve access to advanced core curriculum classes. A failing levy eliminates that opportunity.  

Extracurricular offerings are vital. They help students flourish academically, physically, cognitively, socially and emotionally. It is important that our kids have access to a broad variety of extracurricular activities in order to prepare them for their future. NWLSD currently offers over 100 team and club opportunities that our students participate in, including language clubs  (Spanish Club, French Club), Diversity Club, Drama Club, Honor Society, Academic Quiz Team, National Art Honor Society, Key Club, Science Club, Marching Band, Orchestra, Show Choir, Student Senate and so much more. 

Ongoing levies for new money are a fact of life for suburban districts. We have made necessary reductions, aligned our resources to our instructional priorities and stretched the last levy seven years. We need to pass this levy to continue offering our students the academic and extracurricular course offerings that will keep them competitive.   

NWLSD is and has always been a source of pride and a major part of our community. If this upcoming levy does not pass, both our community and our students lose. Partner with us to support our students on Election Day.  

Amy M. Wells

Chief Financial Officer, Northwest Local School District 

Footer: For the last 25 years, NWLSD has received the Certificate of Achievement for Excellence in Financial Reporting from ASBO for our Comprehensive Annual Financial Report. This certificate of achievement is the highest form of recognition in the area of government accounting and financial reporting. In addition, NWLSD maintains a Aa2 bond rating by Moody's, which indicates strong financial stability.