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Remote Learning Academy students who have damaged Chromebooks can swap out their Chromebooks at their assigned school. Students will need to return the Chromebook and the charger.  

Remote Learning Academy students who do not have Chromebooks can pick up a Chromebook at their assigned school. 

If the device appears to be locked or disabled (with a red message):
Parents need to make sure the device is connected to a network. The Chromebook should automatically unlock and the login screen should appear.
Another student's name appears briefly on the login screen: once connected to a network, the profiles should automatically be cleared.

If the Chromebook has a message that says this device is stolen: connect the device to the internet and leave it open for 2-5 minutes. This message should disappear. 

How will students login to the Chromebooks?
Students will use their district issued email account to log into the Chromebook. Students will not be able to use a private Gmail account.  All student email accounts use the domain. (example [email protected]). 

What if my child is having problems logging into the Chromebook?
First, make sure it's connected to a network - Connect your Chromebook to Wi-Fi - Chromebook Help
If a student forgets their username (email address) or password they will need to alert their teacher who will be able to look up and provide you with the correct credentials.
Watch: Getting Started with your Chromebook
For all other Chromebook related help topics please checkout Chromebook Help
Can students download apps?
Only district approved Google Play Store Apps and Extensions may be installed. Student access is limited.
What devices can be connected to a Chromebook?
  • USB storage devices, mice and keyboards
  • SD cards (some models)
  • External monitors and projectors (via HDMI)
  • Headphones, earbuds, microphones
Will unsafe or inappropriate websites be filtered on the devices?
We do our best to ensure our students’ online experience is safe. The district uses Securly to filter web activity and provide constant protection in and out of the school building. While our web filtering software is robust, there is a possibility that students could access inappropriate content. Our web filter is programmed to block inappropriate content as much as possible.
Web browsing history cannot be deleted by the students. If you discover any inappropriate web activity, please contact your child’s teacher or building administrator. We are actively improving the filter and adding additional keyword and site restrictions.

Can parents use the Chromebooks?
When a student is logged into the Chromebook, parents can use them to check on student work and view their browsing history.  Chromebooks are not intended for personal use for the student or their parents.

Can I change settings on the Chromebook?
Some customizations on the Chromebook settings may be set. Certain settings may be forced by the district.  Everything you change or add will be saved in the cloud with your Google account.  The next time you use a Chromebook, or another district Chromebook, all those settings and apps will be transferred.
What happens if the device is damaged or lost?
Students and parents will be responsible for district-owned technology property that is issued to them, just as they are for other district-owned items such as text books, calculators, cameras, athletics equipment or library books. The district will repair or replace the device, but students and parents will be responsible for the cost of those repairs or replaced devices. 
Please refer to the “NWLSD Chromebook Care and Responsibility (Off Campus) Agreement Form

For additional assistance and support
For all other questions or reporting technical problems, please complete our