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COVID-19 Safety Protocols for the 2021-22 School Year

***Effective September 1, 2021, NWLSD staff and students are REQUIRED to wear face coverings on campus and in each school building.

Dear NWLSD Staff and Parents, 
On August 18, 2021 NWLSD received clarification from Hamilton County Public Health around determination of close contact status and quarantines. Please see the updated information below regarding our health and safety protocols.
Our protocols are subject to change as data is collected surrounding quarantines and positive cases throughout the school year. 
All NWLSD staff are expected to contribute to our effort to maintain the cleanliness of our buildings. NWLSD will clean all buildings and facilities daily. Special attention will be given to classrooms, buses, weight rooms, bathrooms and high-touch areas routinely throughout the day.
Bipolar ionization units have been installed in all buildings. These units kill airborne germs, viruses and bacteria. We have also upgraded controls for monitoring outside air and indoor air quality (IAP).
We need every parent to take an active role and responsibility in monitoring their child to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Students who feel ill, have temperatures of 100°or greater, or show symptoms of COVID-19, must stay home. Please use the attached document to complete the At-Home Daily Wellness Check each day to determine if your child is well enough to attend, and for information on when to return to school.
Staff and students who show symptoms consistent with COVID-19 will be sent home and may be expected to quarantine for up to 10 days. Based on the Ohio Department of Health’s contact tracing process, individuals identified as close contacts of a COVID positive person may also be asked to quarantine for up to 10 days. Staff and students MUST BE fever-free and symptom-free for 24 hours, without the use of fever-reducing medication, before returning to school. Please view the COVID-19 Exposure Guidance for Parents of Students for information on COVID preventative measures, heightened self-monitoring, and when it is appropriate to quarantine/isolate at home.
Each building will have health staff to assist in identifying staff and students who have symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Individuals who are found to exhibit symptoms will be placed within a supervised isolation area while awaiting parent/guardian pick up, at dismissal the parent will receive detailed information about next steps and return to school.
NWLSD's staff will be trained on health protocols before the school year starts. This training will continue throughout the school year. As guidance changes, our staff will be updated on safety protocols.
Effective September 1, 2021, NWLSD staff and students are REQUIRED to wear face coverings on campus and in each school building. 
In a contact tracing situation:
Any individual within 3 feet of a positive person for 15 minutes or more, with or without a mask, will be quarantined unless they are fully vaccinated.
Vaccinated individuals who are potentially exposed will not have to quarantine provided they are symptom free. If symptoms arise within a 14-day period, a 10 day quarantine will be imposed.
Students will maintain maximum physical distance from peers whenever possible. In order to implement contact tracing, seating charts will be implemented in all places, including on buses, in classrooms and in cafeterias
Hand sanitizer dispensers will be installed in every classroom, office, cafeteria, and throughout the buildings. Students will be encouraged to wash/sanitize their hands upon entry and exit of all classrooms, and as needed throughout the day. In addition, students should practice hand hygiene prior to and after lunch and after any trips to the restroom.
Students are strongly encouraged to bring a water bottle to school daily. Water fountains will only be available for bottle-filling purposes.
Additional NWLSD Bus Safety Rules 
  • Students will be required to wear a facial covering while riding the bus.
    1. This is a Federal mandate that we are required to enforce. 
  • Students will be required to remain seated, facing forward, while riding the bus.
  • Students will be expected to maintain appropriate social distancing while at the bus stop and while entering the building.
In-person visits will be limited in order to maintain the health and safety of our staff and students. School officials will contact parents/guardians when in-person visits are necessary.
It’s important that we all work together to stop the spread of COVID-19 and maintain health and safe learning environments for students and staff. We kindly ask that parents:
  • Practice good health habits: Eat nutritious whole foods, increase your water intake, take a daily multivitamin, exercise, manage your stress, do not allow sick visitors into your home, launder bed linen, coats, hats, backpacks as well as clean and disinfect high traffic areas of your home regularly.
  • Monitor your child’s health daily to ensure that they do not have a temperature of 100 degrees or higher. 
  • Ensure your child wears an appropriate facial covering each day, including at the bus stop as they wait for transportation to and from school.
  • Keep your child at home if they do not feel well. Do not send them to school. If your child demonstrates symptoms common to COVID-19, please contact your family doctor immediately.
  • Notify your building principal immediately if your child has been exposed to COVID-19 or if they, or any members of their households, have been diagnosed with or presumed to have COVID-19. If you have students in multiple schools, notify each principal letting them know that a student in your household has been diagnosed or may have COVID-19. 
  • Closely observe your child if they come into close contact with another person suspected to have COVID-19 or a person diagnosed with COVID-19. Please consult your family doctor with concerns.