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Special Person Day

Posted on: November 2, 2017
Special Person Day

Students may have 1 or 2 adults join them for an activity.  Due to the limited space, no siblings or other young children are invited to this event and we cannot have you eat lunch with your student.  If you are able to attend please return the RSVP by Wednesday, November 15th.  If the Special Person will be taking the student home, the parent or guardian must complete the bottom of the this form.  No phone calls will be taken for dismissals. 

The person taking the student music have a valid picture I.D.

The book fair will also be open if you would like to stop by the library and do some shopping.  

The time are:

   A.M. Kindergarten and Mrs. Wright's Room 10:20-10:50

   P.M. Kindergarten 1:45-2:15

   1st grade 9:30-10:15

   2nd grade 12:45-1:30

   3rd grade 8:30-9:15