Taylor Elementary School


About Taylor Elementary School

Taylor Elementary Core Beliefs

Taylor Elementary is a safe and accepting school

  • A trusting, supportive and culturally enriched environment is essential for student success.
  • Our school provides a source of hope and gives students a positive vision of their future.

All students can learn and have the right to learn

  • Diversity and individual differences enrich learning.
  • All students must respect each others’ right to learn.
  • Decisions will always be based on what is best for our students.

Learning requires effort

  • Students will be challenged to discover and use their unique skills and talents.
  • Students, families, and staff are active participants in education and are encouraged to be lifelong learners.

Partnerships are invaluable

  • Strong communication between families and school is vital.
  • Parents, teachers, staff, and community are responsible for the well-being and education of our students.